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Business Advice

On June 8, it was officially declared that the United States is in a recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost 22 million Americans are collecting unemployment due to lost jobs and the numbers continue to rise.  You’re not alone if you’re struggling financially due to the current recession. But, just because the country is [...]

Are you worried about whether your business is meeting its first aid kit requirements? Businesses of any type need to make sure they have the right first aid equipment on hand to deal with injuries and the onset of severe illnesses. Even if your business does not engage in dangerous work, there are a number [...]

Did you know that 82% of small businesses fail due to poor cash-flow problems? All of this can be easily avoided. If you’re a small business owner, you’ll need to have a good handle on your finances. With the right business finance tips, it is possible to make the right financial choices.  But if you have little experience in managing your business [...]

Have you been to your city’s or town’s local main street since the COVID-19 outbreak? Even as states begin to open up, what were once busy streets packed with small shops and customers are now eerily vacant. Many local shops and restaurants are feeling the pain from this pandemic. Many locals are doing their best [...]

Did you know that our planet only has about 150 years left of coal reserves? Burning coal is our primary means of harnessing electricity. It may not be a problem for us, but what about future generations? The problem lies in many areas. While we need to be putting a heavier emphasis on clean and [...]