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Over eight million Americans worked from home last year. Home offices are becoming common workplaces for more and more Americans. How can you ensure yours is comfortable and induces productivity? Every office needs some key items to make it optimal for work. You want to be productive but feel comfortable because you’re in your own [...]

Let’s face it. Starting a business requires cash. Cash you may not have on hand. On average, a small business starting out needs anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 up front. And that’s only to get it off the ground. So, what does a new business owner do when cash is hard to come by? You can [...]

Answering services are not the antiquated relics of a bygone era in technology. They’re alive, well, and kicking. And many companies rely on them with good reason.  After all, about 80 percent of business is still conducted over a phone. In the following article, we’ll be focusing on the 7 reasons why call answering is [...]

These days, more than three-fourths of consumers rely almost exclusively on credit cards and debit cards when they’re out shopping. If your business doesn’t accept credit card payments, you’re missing out on a ton of potential sales! If you’re not accepting credit cards currently, what’s holding you back? Is it that you don’t know how [...]

It goes everywhere with you, even the bathroom. You sleep next to it at night. You check it first thing in the morning and every 12 minutes during the day. What is it? Your phone, of course.  Studies show that the average adult spends roughly three hours a day on their phone. If you’re a millennial, that number is [...]