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Is an energy saving business worth your time and money? In most cases, it is, but the biggest problem is finding places where you can make commercial energy savings. After all, you’re not intentionally wasting energy by design, so what can you tweak to make things better? Here are five methods that will help drive [...]

Only 3% of the water on the earth is freshwater, and only 0.5% of that is actually accessible for use. Water conservation to protect that resource is everyone’s responsibility, including businesses. Some companies rely on water as part of the manufacturing process, such as using water to cool parts as they’re made or using it [...]

Business owners all over the world are constantly on the hunt for ways of integrating new features into their company. The problem is, their in-house talent may not have any prior experience with the features the owners believe to be the next best thing. In this modern age of business, applications reign supreme. They can [...]

Looking to control energy use? Whether it’s a single motor or an entire facility, an AC drive will allow you to manage energy expenditure efficiently. AC drives today are more efficient and responsive than ever before, making them an attractive investment for organizations of all sizes and scopes. As with companies fighting to reduce costs, [...]

Did you know that nearly 40% of millennials want to work for a sustainable company?  Apparently, they would even be willing to accept a lower salary for the opportunity to be employed by an eco-friendly business.  If you want to become a more eco-friendly workplace, you may be wondering about how to be more sustainable.  Do [...]