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It goes everywhere with you, even the bathroom. You sleep next to it at night. You check it first thing in the morning and every 12 minutes during the day. What is it? Your phone, of course.  Studies show that the average adult spends roughly three hours a day on their phone. If you’re a millennial, that number is [...]

Given that about a quarter of all small businesses fail in their first year, you need to make sure you have a structure to weather any issues. If your small business structure is strong enough, you can ensure that you stay ahead of problems and give every stakeholder what they expect. Your small business can [...]

Did you know there is one notary for every 72 people in the United States? While this may seem like an ordinary and (let’s face it) boring profession, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The role of a notary is simple – they witness and authenticate the signing of various important transactions. These [...]

In 2019, Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. In fact, there are around 64.2 million public Wi-Fi spots in the world today. If you’re ready to provide your customers with a free, public Wi-Fi connection, it’s time to research how to set up wireless internet. Luckily, this is easier to do now than [...]

Welcome! Come on in! I am excited to give you a tour. This isn’t your average wine tasting tour. In this lab, we handle the scientific part of making wine. I bet you didn’t know chemistry and biology go into your favorite cabernet.  Are you interested in lab work? You’ll be fascinated to see what [...]