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Cleaning Services

Let’s face it: cleaning your bathroom is a thankless and nasty task — one that no one really enjoys doing.  Whether your home bathrooms or your office restrooms are in need of a little spring cleaning, we know that chances are good that you’ll keep putting it off.  Why not hire a professional bathroom cleaner to [...]

When looking at how to get clients for a cleaning business, start with the types of clients you’d like to serve. Residential and commercial customers have different needs and expectations. You can successfully manage both if you do your homework.  In the following article, we’ll be talking about your client base, how to get started [...]

Did you know that home organization is a stress trigger for 47% of Americans? It’s no wonder that having an organized home is important for leading a less stressful life. If you run your business from home, storage can be a real issue.  Keep reading to learn about 10 inspired storage organization ideas for your home [...]

When you throw trash away, it does not mean it has been forgotten. What you throw away can cost you a lot of money. If your waste includes hazardous products that breach hazardous waste regulations. Then you could be in for a fine of about $40,000. In California, the maximum daily fine went up to [...]