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Cleaning Services

Have you worked for years in the janitorial industry but are ready to branch out on your own? Forming your own janitorial equipment supplies business is a great way to make a living doing what you excel at.  Distribution businesses supply industry-standard janitorial equipment to contractors, government agencies, schools, medical facilities, and more. Basically, anybody [...]

Like many industries, the flooring industry took a hit during the recession a decade ago. But, in recent years, vinyl flooring has come back strong. And, experts predict the preference for vinyl to keep growing at record rates in the years ahead. In 2016, the global vinyl flooring market hit over $20 million dollars. While [...]

At your company, you throw away trash, tidy up desks, and water your plants. Usually, a professional cleaning service does the rest: vacuuming, dusting, washing windows, and sweeping. A clean office is an important part of your business’s success. But there are so many cleaning services to choose from, do you know what to expect? [...]

Do you slip your shoes off when you get home and leave them at the front door? If so, you join people in many parts of the world where removing your shoes before entering your or another person’s home is an unwritten social custom. Visit a friend in Japan, and you may receive a pair [...]

Looking to start your own pressure washing business? The good news is, this can be a highly lucrative entrepreneurial endeavor, or simply put, you can make some major coin. But how do you get started? First things first, read this complete guide on how to start your very own pressure washing business.  Starting a Pressure [...]