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The roof is one of the most important parts of your house. Besides protecting your interior home environment from outdoor elements, it also contributes to the curb appeal of the entire property. Owing to its practical and aesthetic value, you should give your roof the maintenance attention it deserves. Unfortunately, all good things must come [...]

There are currently over 330,000 construction businesses in Australia that directly employ 9% of the country’s workforce. But, don’t let these numbers fool you. According to a study by Illion, 12.7% of companies fail within their first year of operation. If you’re starting a construction company, how do you prevent your business from becoming another [...]

Setting up a construction site? You’re going to need to bring in all kinds of things before you and your employees can get to work. You’ll obviously need to fill your construction site with the tools and heavy equipment that’ll be used to complete your project. You’ll also need to surround your site with fencing [...]

When considering the cost of a new commercial roof or just a repair, you could be looking at a price tag up in the high five-figure range. If you’re not prepared for what it could cost you to have your roof replaced, you’re going to be even more upset by the cost of a commercial [...]

The global civil engineering sector is valued at $7.84 trillion, expected to grow 5.6% from 2018 to 2025.  As the urban population rises and city infrastructure needs increase, the demand for professionals who can conceive, design, build and oversee such projects as roadways, bridges, and airports is strong.  This makes these professionals valuable resources in firms around [...]