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About 40% of American business owners apply for loans each year. In total, they borrow right around $600 billion. Some of these business owners take out loans to invest in inventory. Others do it to expand into new markets. But all of them share one common goal when trying to get their hands on loans: [...]

Bankruptcy filings in the United States hit a record high in 2010, reaching 1.53 million. That number has since gone down significantly. In 2018, there were only about 770,000 new bankruptcy applications.  That being said, filing for bankruptcy isn’t an ideal situation to be in. It can negatively affect your financial life for a long [...]

As an entrepreneur, you probably hear a lot about failure. You’ve probably heard that the majority of businesses fail, and you likely know that one of the main reasons they fail is a lack of cash flow. It’s easy to get discouraged by information like this. Don’t let it stop you, though. There are many ways to get [...]

Do you have bad credit? If your credit score is less than great, you might feel like you are in a never ending cycle. You might feel forced to choose between paying one of your many debts each month. If you don’t qualify for any loans, how will you ever build your credit back up? [...]

Did you know over 600,000 new businesses start every year in the United States? If you’re among the entrepreneurs who have launched more than one business, thumbs up. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. Owning multiple businesses also means you’re not afraid of the high failure rate small businesses face. Now that your [...]