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Customer Service

Did you know that customer experience is set to be the key brand differentiator from 2020? More than that, 96% of consumers say customer service is essential when choosing to be loyal to a brand. The happier consumers are with your brand, the higher the chances they will do repeat business with you. If you [...]

Did you know that approximately one-third of American citizens say that they’re willing to switch to a different company after just a single example of poor customer service? In our competitive and fast-paced world, companies can’t afford to make mistakes as they can lose customers for life. But then how to retain customers for a [...]

Do you engage with your customers? Does that show in your bottom line? Fully engaged customers offer a 23% increase in profitability and customer relationship growth. In contrast, those who aren’t engaged will drag that number down by 13%. Customer engagement is the emotional connection between your brand and a  customer. It can be summarized in one [...]

Did you know that your customers can sense your intentions? Believe it or not, you’ll find that the majority of your customers can sense whether you actually care about adding value to their lives or not. This is where customer engagement comes in. By correctly engaging your customers, you not only have a better understanding [...]

A customer first approach to business means listening to what your customers need as well as what they want. It also means getting your employees on board with the effort. In the following article, we’ll be discussing how you can put your customer first and why it’s important. Defining Customer First Initiatives But first, it’s [...]