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Pursuing an education after high school is a vital part of most career paths. While not all high-paying jobs require a college degree, many jobs do require specific education.  However, some people who choose these paths struggle to find the time to go to school, especially if they have a full class schedule. Whether you’re [...]

Studies have shown that about 70% of college students work while they’re in school. And roughly 25% of them work what amounts to a full-time schedule. If you want to make some money while you’re in college, you could run down to the local fast-food joint and get a job. But you might also want [...]

There are many rewarding jobs in the field of education. Some of the best paying jobs in education are like being a school principal or even a Chief Executive Officer of schools. With the right opportunity, it’s easy to earn a decent living. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics non-specialist basic and [...]

Summer is here and school is out which means that your little ones are going to be without an educational structure for a few months. Unless, of course, you take on the role of teacher- which could be way more fun than it sounds! And it’s important to keep the kids learning new things all [...]

Are you considering joining the National Honor Society? If so, then you’re going to need to produce a well-written essay that showcases your skills and critical thinking abilities.  The essay writing process can be challenging for a lot of students. In fact, writing, in general, is an area where a lot of students lack confidence. [...]