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It wasn’t all that long ago when the average Americans could make a perfectly good living with nothing more than high school diplomas or trade degrees. After graduating, he would get a job at a local manufacturing plant or corporate office, where he would earn enough money to comfortably support a nuclear family, then retire [...]

In the past five years, the online tutoring industry has accumulated revenue of about $467 million. This reflects a growth of about 5.4% in proceeds. It’ll be a shame not to leverage from this multi-million industry. With the right set of math skills and passion for the subject, there’s nothing stopping you from a successful [...]

“When are we ever going to use this again?” This is a question teachers hear over and over. From history to science, students seem to wonder how learning these subjects will affect their lives long-term.  After seeing a disconnect between knowledge and application, many educators put this question to good use. New teaching methods, models, [...]

With 47% less 16-year-old drivers on the road than there were in 1983, is this the end of the roads as we know them? Are driving schools even profitable anymore? Yes, driving schools are still very important businesses, and just because young teens aren’t getting a driver’s license, that doesn’t stop the rest of the population. [...]