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Over 40% of school trash includes paper, and it’s not all coming from the students. Much of the trash has to do with the incredible amount of paperwork teachers need to complete on a daily basis.  From filling out student disobedience reports to logging parental call sheets, a teacher’s time spent on forms takes time and [...]

You’ve heard that creating and selling online courses is where the money is, but how do you cash in? What should you teach? How should you format it? And most of all — how do you advertise your online courses to start bringing in customers? No matter how beautiful and polished your course is, if [...]

Years ago, it was up to the parents to educate their kids. Over time, this evolved into classroom learning. Since then, education has pretty much stayed the same… Until the birth of, wait for it, the internet! Yes, the internet’s made huge waves in education and technology. And with tsunami-like advances in technology today, it’s [...]

It’s hard to start a business, and the numbers for new businesses prove that. About 50% of all businesses close down before they reach the five-year mark. Despite that outlook, it’s still a great time to start a business. Owning a daycare business in particular offers a lot of advantages. Are you ready to learn [...]

Pursuing an education after high school is a vital part of most career paths. While not all high-paying jobs require a college degree, many jobs do require specific education.  However, some people who choose these paths struggle to find the time to go to school, especially if they have a full class schedule. Whether you’re [...]