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Want to know the cure to writer’s block? Studies show that when you’re writing, the frontal lobe of your brain increases its activity. If you’re suffering from writer’s block, exercising your frontal lobe with a creative activity can be the perfect solution. Simply playing music or painting a picture for a few hours can help stimulate [...]

Are you in need of getting your high school equivalency completed? Have you considered a GED? How about a HiSET? Well, before you do, let’s check out the differences between the two.  In premise, both of these tests will result in you getting your equivalency credential. However, these tests are different, and some people might [...]

College can be an exciting new chapter in one’s life — the start of something new! However, the prospect of paying for college can be scary, especially if you have to pay for it all on your own.  So, if you’re scratching your head and wondering how to pay for college by yourself, never fear. [...]

Learning is most enjoyed when children do not even realize it is happening. The wonder and joy in a child’s eyes increase when they feel that they have worked something out for themselves, as opposed to being shown and dictated it. Learning from home is a great way to do this, and it is easy [...]

You’ve decided to major in English not because you have a specific career path in mind, but because you enjoy reading, writing, learning about literature, and diving into all the sub-categories of an English degree. Now that you’ve started down your path as an Eglish major, you’re beginning to wonder what it is you actually [...]