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The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 left around 18 million Americans unemployed. Many are now struggling to find gig work that also provides them safety from getting the virus. If you’re looking for ways to replace or supplement your income, there are lots of safe strategies to choose from. Take a look at these 6 simple [...]

If you’re interested in working as an engineer, then you should consider starting your career with contract engineering. If you’re fresh out of college, rejoining the workforce, or trying to find work when the economy is weak, taking on a contract engineering position could be a great way to strengthen your resume.  More and more companies are [...]

When you’re in the business world it can feel like you exclusively talk in buzzwords and acronyms. The ERP acronym has become very popular in the business world, and it’s important for people to know what ERP is, what it stands for, and how it can help their business.  Do you feel like you don’t [...]

According to one piece of research, there are around 230,187 medical practices in the United States. If you’re a doctor, you might like the idea of striking out on your own, and opening your own medical practice. That said, opening a medical practice is no simple task, and there are many obstacles that you’ll need [...]

A well-run church can be a pillar of the community it’s set in. You might find yourself wanting to bring that kind of light to your own neighborhood. However, determining how to start a church can be difficult if you’ve never looked into the matter before. The fact of the matter is that starting any [...]