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Event Management

Corporate events can be a great way to network with clients, showcase the launch of a product or service, or simply celebrate a milestone. But, they can also be notoriously boring. Fortunately, there’s a handful of simple tips you can use to help make your business events more enjoyable for everyone involved. Not sure where [...]

Around 83% of corporate marketers say events drive sales better than awareness. Whether it’s launching a new product or bringing the team together, business events are crucial to every company. But you can’t reap the benefits unless you have a fantastic idea for an event. If you’re struggling with event planning ideas, you’ve come to [...]

Trade shows generate more than $13 billion each year for exhibiting companies. If you want a piece of that pie, you need to know what is a trade show. In the US alone there are more than 13,000 trade shows each year. They’re a big deal for almost any business in almost every industry segment.  To use [...]

Anyone who has enjoyed a ride in a limousine knows that it is a memorable event. There is a sense of luxury that comes with riding in a limo. There is a heightened comfort not found in any other transportation experience. I am sure many of you would want to ride in a limo as [...]

Industry or academic conferences give people a chance to network and share ideas. Especially in our remote-work age, attendees look forward to attending these events and connecting with one another.  That puts a lot of pressure on planners to get these events planned perfectly. There are countless details and any one of them could go [...]