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Hair Salon

Over 766,100 workers were employed in the cosmetology field in 2018 alone. This includes thousands of licensed individuals who provide beauty services to a wide variety of customers. To decide if you should enter a career in this growing field, you must answer two important questions. What is cosmetology? How and where should I study [...]

Your hair length and hairstyle says a lot about you. If you want to come off sexy and sleek then long hair is perfect to put off this vibe. The only problem is that many women struggle with growing long locks. In fact, hair growth can be a sensitive topic for many ladies that find [...]

Millions of men and women suffer from unwanted hair loss. But just because the condition is common doesn’t mean you want to deal with it.  If you’re struggling with thinning hair or balding, you may be wondering how to prevent balding.  Read on to discover 9 tips to prevent hair loss: Choose Your Hairstyles Carefully [...]

You stare out the window of your salon, noticing many customers going next door while completely bypassing your building. The quiet and downtime from not having customers give you a few minutes to think. What is the place next door doing that you’re not? That’s when it clicks together. Your competition is a full-service salon [...]