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Back in 2016, 4 out of every 10 people in the United States were clinically obese. That number has gone down since then but among many groups, obesity is still a prevalent issue. The people most affected by health problems like obesity are those that don’t have time to eat right and exercise. Does that [...]

Self-conscious about your smile? Perhaps your teeth are a little crooked? Don’t be—it’s actually very common. Generally speaking, it’s due to genetics. For instance, the size of your jaw can have an impact on the alignment of your teeth. Certain habits, such as thumb sucking can also play a role. Don’t worry, though, even if they’re crooked, you [...]

It’s Friday at the office and that means donuts, sugary coffee drinks, and maybe some bacon and eggs for breakfast.  It can be difficult to resist, but your heart will thank you.  Working in an office setting or being on the road can cause us to eat in unhealthy ways. Work stress may also cause [...]

Has your doctor recommended that you see a physical therapist? Maybe a friend or family member has seen you in pain and has suggested you try physical therapy. You may be wary of the treatment, but countless people have benefited from physical therapy.Physical therapy can treat your condition and help you save money by avoiding additional [...]

All of us have nutritional gaps in our diet, and more and more people are turning to supplements and vitamins to help fill in these gaps safely and effectively.  However, especially for women, it can be a bit of a challenge to determine which vitamins are truly necessary to take every day, and which ones [...]