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Around 21 million Americans are believed to have substance abuse problems. So there’s a strong possibility that you, or someone you know, has been involved with rehabilitation centers. You may also be aware that some rehab centers are more successful than others. So what makes a successful rehab center? There are many skills and strategies that [...]

The senior population in the United States is growing rapidly. Today there are roughly 46 million people aged 65 and over. By the year 2060, there will be 98 million. With the senior population exploding in America the way that it is, odds are you know somebody that’s currency living at a nursing home. While people [...]

If you run any business, it’s crucially important to know the qualities of a good employee. This is doubly important if you run a medical business, such as a lab. Patients and medical professionals are relying on your lab to be accurate and thorough, and this starts with the company culture that you create. You’ll [...]

Careers in counseling are supposed to grow by 14 percent by 2026, so starting a private practice in counseling can be a smart investment.  Maybe you just finished graduate school, and you’re ready to start your own private practice. Maybe you’ve sent out dozens of applications but haven’t gotten any offers. Maybe you’re ready for something new.  [...]