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What’s the leading cause of death for adults under the age of 50 in the U.S.? If you guessed drug overdoses, then you’d be right. Opioid misuse currently causes over half of drug overdose deaths. Recovery from addiction is a difficult process filled with questions. How long do opiate withdrawals last? How long will it [...]

Increasing your patient retention rate by just 5% can see you increase profits by 25%. Many medical practices take their patients for granted, focusing on getting new patients. But this will hurt their practice in the long term. Looking after your current patients will pay off, but it can be difficult to know what to [...]

Over 21 million adults in America struggle with some type of drug or alcohol addiction.  If you have children and have also had an addiction in the past, you might be asking yourself the question, “Is addiction genetic?”  Make sure you keep reading below to get the answer you’re looking for.  Is Addiction Genetic? The [...]

If you have a drug addiction, you’re not alone. In 2010, 23.1 million people needed treatment for a drug abuse problem. Out of that many people, only about two million received treatment. Whether you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, there are ways to get your life back on track. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Read [...]