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If you suffer from sinus problems you may be relieved to know that it is common affecting 1 in 7 adults in the U.S. Research suggests that the incidence of dizziness is about 15% of the population. If you have a history of sinus problems, but now you’re experiencing dizziness as an additional symptom, then [...]

If you are the caretaker for your elderly parents, at some point you will likely have to consider hospice care.  This is a form of care for people who have a life-limiting illness that is incurable. The hospice staff provides more than health care, they attend to the emotional, and mental needs of the patient [...]

Did you know exercise can reduce anxiety? If you want to learn how Pilates can improve your health, we can help. In this guide, we’ll go over the benefits of Pilates. Want to learn more? Keep reading. 1. Tone and Strengthen Your Entire Body Pilates differs from other forms of exercise because it doesn’t focus [...]

You opened a medical practice because you want to help others. However, you still have to pay the bills. Especially when you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to convince new patients to give your office a try. After all, healthcare is extremely personal and many people are already connected with established networks and providers. [...]

More than 60 million people visit the gym on a routine basis. Going to the gym is not only good for your physical health but your mental health, too, which is why a gym membership is an absolute must-have if you don’t have access to a home gym. However, in order to get the most [...]