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Any kind of dental surgery can be scary to think about if you don’t understand what’s going to happen. Dental implants are no exception to that. However, if you understand the process you may find the experience to be much less stressful and scary.  Our goal is to educate you about the process of getting [...]

You’ve probably heard the advice that you should brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day. But how long do you really spend with a toothbrush in hand?  As it turns out, most people fall far short of this benchmark. Most people spend a mere 45 seconds brushing their teeth — and that’s just one way [...]

The most recent CDC study shows that almost one in three (31.6%) US adults have untreated dental cavities. That’s an increase of 6.5% from the last time (2005 to 2008) the agency conducted the study! The thing is, foregoing treatment of tooth decay often results in tooth loss. Unfortunately, such is the case for at [...]

After weeks – or months – in lockdown, are you ready to get back to work? Coronavirus has affected millions of businesses across the world. From cafes to book stores, almost all have taken a hit. But, with more countries and states getting the virus under control, life could be starting to return to normal. [...]

In the last two decades, over 5 million people have received Invisalign treatment, making this revolutionary procedure a household word.  Teeth straightening goes back thousands of years to the time of ancient Egyptians. Back then, metal bands were used to straighten crooked teeth. Invisalign, therefore, is the final result of a continuous evolution of Orthodontics.  [...]