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Are you worried about the state of your teeth? In today’s world how we look is vitally important. It can affect everything from our first impressions from a potential girlfriend to whether we get that dream job we’ve always wanted. But how do you make sure you have healthy teeth at all times? What steps [...]

Did you know that over 50% of Americans visit the dentist every 6 months on average? This shows that Americans not only value good looking teeth, but they are willing to meet the cost of good dental health on a regular basis.  If you have the skills or qualifications, starting a dental practice is a great [...]

You have a long road ahead of you if you’re planning to start a dental practice. You’re competing with 186,135 businesses in the United States alone. You can’t afford to get started the wrong way. There is a lot of work that goes into starting a dental practice. Keep reading to learn five tips that [...]

If you want to boost the number of patients that come to your dental practice, we recommend revamping your dental office design! Although focusing on dental office design ideas may seem like a waste of time, it really is not. The environment that you place your patients in while they wait for their appointment plays [...]

85% of Americans understand that their oral health is very important to their overall health. Unfortunately, 42% don’t get to the dentist as often as they wish they could.  These statistics are good to know if you’re a dentist because it’s not that patients don’t want to make an appointment. And that’s half the battle.  [...]