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Self-conscious about your smile? Perhaps your teeth are a little crooked? Don’t be—it’s actually very common. Generally speaking, it’s due to genetics. For instance, the size of your jaw can have an impact on the alignment of your teeth. Certain habits, such as thumb sucking can also play a role. Don’t worry, though, even if they’re crooked, you [...]

Did you know that more than 1 in 3 Americans don’t visit the dentist each year? There are plenty of reasons why people don’t place dentist appointments at the top of their priorities. Whether you don’t want to waste your time or you’re afraid of the dentist, it’s easy to see why so many people avoid going. Do [...]

Like it or not, being a dentist won’t automatically make your practice successful. Most dentists don’t realize this. As a result, they struggle and wonder why they can’t get more appointments, see more walk-ins, or get more clients.  In case you didn’t know, you’re competing with about 200k other dental practitioners. Interestingly, there’s more than [...]

There’s nothing more dazzling and attractive than strong white teeth.  That why one thing most celebrities have in common is a set of stunning pearly whites. They know how important it is to be at their best on-screen and in person. While it may seem like we don’t have the same resources or ability to [...]