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Hiring & Employment

A huge amount of money is lost by every business to employee sickness. There are steps you can take to try and minimize this cost. Take a look at these 10 great tips for maintaining healthy employees. There are many obvious benefits to encouraging employee wellness. Healthy employees miss work less often. They’re also more [...]

Why Good Employees Quit Their Jobs Did another good employee just quit, leaving you scratching your head? The issue may not be what you think. Here’s why good employees quit and what you can do to retain them. Millions of Americans quit their jobs every month. While managers can spot a bad egg or a [...]

If you need to hire more people, your first stop is the Internet. Making a job post on one of the many career sites available is the easiest way to hire someone today. The harder part is writing a killer job ad. Here’s everything you need to know about creating a job posting that actually [...]

Plants can do a lot for the human psyche. Check out this list of the 10 best office desk plants for improving employee productivity. Today’s high-pressure work environments are stressful. Multi-tasking is a given. Employees put in long hours and are expected to assimilate and use new information daily. It’s no wonder, then, that over [...]

Nobody wants to go to an ugly, boring office every day. Check out these awesome office decorating ideas to help you personalize your space and make it a place you love coming to every day. Having a well-decorated office is better to look at, but it can also impact how productive you are while at [...]