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Graphic designers are constantly in demand, but when it comes to crafting a resume, it’s easy to slip up. If you’re looking for a new graphic designer job, you may think your portfolio will impress recruiters, but this is not always true. Very often, companies use software to scan hundreds of resumes for a single [...]

Replacing an employee costs businesses thousands of dollars in opportunity losses, productivity slowdowns, training expenses and more. As a general rule, the higher your ex-employee’s salary was, the more expensive it is to fill their shoes. That truth puts a big economic stake in your ability to retain an employee for as long as possible. [...]

Do your employees seem a little gloomy lately? This feeling can be infectious, even spreading to you after a bit. As you’re probably noticing, doom and gloom isn’t exactly good for productiveness.  The best way to sweep this feeling under the rug is by adding in a bit of fun to the workplace. This will [...]

Every business owner should understand the importance of team building. The success of your business depends on the unification of your employees.  Regardless of the type of business you own, be sure to engage your employees in team-building activities. This article provides tips about why team building is important. Here’s how you can use these [...]

If you’re considering business uniforms for your employees, you’ll want to explore all the pros and cons. While uniforms can be a great way for customers to spot an employee, they also can be troublesome to your employees. Keep reading as we break down all the pros and cons of business unforms.  Pros of Business Uniforms [...]