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Around 60-80% of people can get hypnotized. Unfortunately, the remaining people aren’t as likely to reach this trance-like state.  Hypnosis has been used for many types of therapy and even for entertainment purposes. But what if hypnosis could help you achieve more success at work? Continue reading to discover how you can use hypnosis for [...]

Anxiety disorders are estimated to affect more than 40 million Americans. That’s more than 18% of the entire population! We live in anxious times where there are far too many things to stress us out and too few to keep us calm. For most of us, the workplace is always a steady source of anxiety [...]

Do you have to manage employees? It can have its ups and downs. One of the pitfalls in managing employees is getting the schedule to work for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a couple of employees or a whole team. You need to balance your business needs with employees’ needs. That’s a delicate [...]

We all know the benefits of working out and staying on top of our physical health. When it comes to your employees, the benefits of being physically healthy are almost endless.  Healthier employees are sick less often, are less tired, and tend to be in better moods. Healthier and happier employees are also great for productivity [...]

Have you ever wondered what city you should work in? Many people have dreams of moving to cities like New York because it’s a hub for people of all backgrounds. Finding the best city to move to will depend on a variety of factors that have to do with your goals and experience. When you [...]