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Hiring & Employment

Every boss has dealt with employees who have a hard time showing up on time. Tardiness has resulted in billions of dollars per year lost in productivity for American businesses. This can obviously cause multiple issues in a business’ overall success and workplace culture. Most people know that when they’re frequently late, it increases the [...]

Paper scheduling is so 1981. Your business needs to join the digital age. Millennials are technology savvy. Get your business’s employee schedule in a language that your employees speak.  Added advantages to digital software scheduling are abundant for your business too. Upgrade your business plan with digital software for scheduling.  Consider these five reasons to upgrade your business [...]

What’s the secret to unparalleled and mounting success? Delivering consistent and quality product-services is always the end-goal we have in mind. But your company’s results are only as strong as the team delivering them. Your team looks up to you not only as their manager but their leader. You’re in a position to help inspire [...]

Fighting for freedom is perhaps the noblest cause, but what happens after you return from overseas? Getting a fulfilling career will help disabled veterans heal and rediscover their purpose. Plan ahead and find purpose after you’re back with this guide to the best jobs for disabled veterans. Understanding Your Options Before you begin your career [...]

As an entrepreneur, you have a good idea where your money is coming from and going to. Sometimes you spend it on regular things like office supplies, other times you approve the use of a hang glider for work purposes. Let’s say your office has been overdue for a remodel or you just want an [...]