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Some studies say that more than half of US employees quit due to their manager. Others report that eight in 10 workers left their jobs due to underappreciation. Either way, both reasons boil down to the same person: the manager or the “big boss”. While some may think that it’s easier to replace a “junior” [...]

When you’re dealing with a difficult work situation, it may feel like you’re powerless to protect yourself. Maybe you were recently let go from your job after months of mistreatment from a toxic boss. It’s possible that you may feel like you’re being discriminated against and have been treated unfairly.  You may feel like there’s [...]

No matter where you are in life, changing your career path and becoming an engineer is within your grasp. Aerospace, chemical, environmental, electrical, and mechanical engineers leverage their mathematical and scientific expertise to solve technical issues. Whether you’re fresh out of college and just starting or have decades of professional experience under your belt, here [...]

Ready? Three, two, one, fall! If you’ve ever been subjected to the co-worker trust fall, we’re sorry — you’re safe here. Blind trust falls show that your fellow employees can follow simple directions to prevent bodily injury. What we’re saying is, they worked a lot better back in fifth grade, then they do at fifty. [...]

In a world where the flawless function of IT services is more essential for business success than ever, outsourced IT services are becoming the norm. The market for IT outsourcing in America is now worth a staggering $85.6 billion, a figure projected to grow exponentially in the next few years. But why outsource? The truth [...]