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Hiring & Employment

Golf is a fantastic sport that you can pick up young and play for the rest of your life. You might think unless you have a professional level stroke, the game can only be a hobby. However, this is not the case. A PGA card is not the only way to make a paycheck from [...]

If you think salary is ultimately more important to employees than anything else, you may want to reconsider.  A 2018 study found that a shocking 80 percent of employees would choose a job with great employee benefits over an identical job role that had no benefits but paid 30 percent more.  So, if employee retention [...]

Have your friends ever told you that you’re a welcoming person? Do you like putting things in order and making difficult things seem effortless? If so, you just might find your calling in the hospitality industry. Whatever your particular interests are, we’ll help you find a way to do it while making good money in a hospitality [...]

When you’re trying to understand a job description, clearly outlining the duties a hire will do is key. Without a good understanding of the position, hiring might be a challenge.  Call center agent duties are an important part of delivering exceptional customer service. These positions are used across the world providing a valuable middle man for [...]

If you’re trying to learn more about employment opportunities, it’s important to consider drug tests and how they come into play. Failing a drug test can be detrimental to employment opportunities and can even land you in jail, depending on the circumstances.  So what happens if you fail a drug test? Consider the tips in [...]