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Hiring & Employment

Do you ever get the feeling that your employees aren’t happy in their jobs? Are you struggling with employee retention and finding it hard to meet your sales goals?  Sometimes, the culture of an organization can be negative. It’s nobody’s fault, but employees feel like they aren’t being challenged enough or that their needs aren’t [...]

It’s hard to keep a positive and productive work environment if your employees aren’t happy with their workspace. Setting the vibe at the office isn’t an easy thing to do. You have to strike a balance between professionalism and comfort, promote hard and efficient work while making it feel like a place that your employees’ [...]

Whether you are just starting a business or trying to network and climb the ladder in your field, you always have to make sure you dress the part.  In this regard, don’t just focus on the outfits — make sure you also stock up on the best business fashion accessories.  By choosing some accessories that [...]

Employees are the heartbeat of any business. Finding and hiring the best people can be a challenge, yet keeping them happy and motivated can often be the most difficult challenge of all. Creating motivation at work isn’t easy. It requires specific motivation techniques that make employees want to stick around and do their best. So [...]

Approximately 37 percent of workers say that they are willing to relocate anywhere in the world in order to find a better job.  As an employer, you can increase the number of recruits who are willing to relocate for you by stepping in to make the process easier for workers and their families. If you’re [...]