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Hiring & Employment

A recent study found that incentives for employees can increase performance by 25-44%. Work incentives also attract the top talent, motivate staff to think smarter and work more efficiently. Read on for a list of five fun office gifts you can use to motivate your team. 1. Play with Puppies Want to reward the team for how [...]

Is your small business losing money due to employee drug use? Are you looking for ways to screen out the bad apples before they ruin your reputation? Every year, employee drug use costs American businesses more than $400 billion. Employees who use drugs are more likely to miss days of work, file workers’ compensation claims, [...]

A part of life, unfortunately, involves the death of loved ones. And when this happens, your employees will need to take bereavement leave. Bereavement leave is when an employee requests time off to deal with the death of someone close to them. As a boss, it can be a challenge to handle this kind of [...]

Every second, 7 workers get injured on the job. Chilling, right? As much as employers take the necessary steps to enhance the health and safety of workplaces, the risk of accidents is always there. And as an employee, observing all the safety procedures – such as wearing protective gear – go a long way in keeping [...]

Management skills are vital for managers at all levels of management. These skills can be developed through learning as well as practical experience, and they allow for the smooth flow of organizational activities. This helps managers to steer their organization in the desired direction. Check out these 6 management skills that every manager and leader [...]