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Did you know that static electricity was discovered by the ancient Greeks 600 years ago? The Romans used batteries as far as electricity.  In this article, we’ll take a look at circuit breaker tripping and what can be causing it. Read on to explore these causes and how to fix them today! Checking for a [...]

When your garage door isn’t functioning properly, it’s a big hassle. Is your garage door off track? Does it have a slow response time? If it does, you likely need garage repair. Thankfully, getting garage door maintenance is a simple and quick solution to your problem. Check out these signs below to determine if you [...]

According to one study, about 94% of Americans say that people should be recycling. However, only about 34% of Americans actually do. If you’re in the percentage who actually does recycle and you have some leftover paint, don’t throw it away. Not only can it be chemically harmful to the environment, but it’s also wasteful. [...]

A gas leak in your home is not only dangerous, but it’s also bad for your health and gas bill at month-end! While you may able to quickly recognize a large gas leak due to the smell, smaller gas leaks can be far more dangerous in the long-term.  This is because a small gas leak slowly [...]

Discovering a crack in your basement wall can begin to stir up anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions. Your home is one of your biggest investments, and you never want to find something wrong with it. When you do find an issue, you need to act on it as soon as you can to avoid [...]