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The average American spends 90% of the time indoors. Pollutants that are indoors are sometimes two to five times as concentrated as they are outdoors. That means you could be breathing in a lot more pollutants than you realize when you’re inside your home. Air quality is important because it can directly affect your health. [...]

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 367,900 HVAC technicians in 2018. They expect that number to grow by 13% by 2028.  It’s great to see that kind of growth for the heating and cooling industry. But, with so many HVAC companies to choose from, it’s tough to find the right contractor. Luckily, [...]

Did you know that air conditioning accounts for 12 percent of your home’s energy expenditure every year? During hot-humid summer seasons, these costs may be higher, considering the need for air- conditioning.  However, despite the costs involved to keep your AC running, it remains one of the essential appliances in your home. Part of the [...]

August is the warmest month of the year in the US. Sure, you can crank up the AC to keep a house cool. The AC might be fine running 24/7, but it can get expensive. You might not have money to keep the AC on high and need to find ways to keep cool without [...]

Texas summer heat is no joke—and neither are summer electric bills! Whether you’re training for a half marathon outdoors or just trying to survive indoors, summers in Texas are sweltering.  How can Texans stay cool while conserving energy and reducing electric bills? Is it even possible? With the right summer energy saving tips, you can [...]