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Does your business rely on email as a primary communication method? After all, it’s the standard method to message potential clients, investors, and employees. It lets you keep track of projects or send announcements en masse to your staff. However, without secure email solutions, it’s also open to hacking. In fact, small businesses risk losing an [...]

Statistics show that 50 percent of new businesses fail within the first five years. Running a business is challenging. However, you shouldn’t let the statistics on failure frighten you. If you run your business in a smart and efficient manner you can succeed. These days hardly any business can survive without having some kind of [...]

With so much new technology coming out on a regular basis, it seems that everything about the way offices used to run is changing, including the type of phone systems they prefer using. Many small businesses throughout the world are choosing SIP trunking over other types of phone systems. In fact, revenue for the global [...]

64% of consumers rate customer experience over price when making purchasing decisions. As an online business, your customer experience includes the packaging of items shipped. Your packaging options allow you to create brand awareness and create a relationship with your customers. How can you take advantage of these customer experience opportunities though? This requires knowing [...]

Are you a business owner looking to choose between web hosting and cloud computing?  Well, if you have found yourself in this situation, then you are not alone. Many business owners often find themselves confusing web hosting for cloud computing. But, what exactly is cloud computing for business? How different is it from web hosting? Stick around, and I will tell you the [...]