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Bitcoin mining is a highly lucrative endeavor. It’s one of the main pathways to acquiring the popular cryptocurrency. The way it works is as follows. Miners lend the power of their computers to the network. In doing so, they contribute to the process of confirming transactions. And the beauty of it is they barely have [...]

Renewable sources of energy have been all the rage, especially after the unprecedented peak in global warming levels in the past decade. Of the ten warmest years since the mid-70s, eight of them are within the last decade.  Solar energy is one of the most practical and most popular renewable energy sources in the country. [...]

Are you looking to start investing in the stock market, but unsure of where to begin? It can be overwhelming to look at the marketplace and determine how you should start investing. Fortunately, even the most successful of investors once had the same amount of experience as you! Investing is all about learning. It’s about spending [...]

An estimated 65 million households in the US will fail to achieve one or more of their big life goals because they didn’t develop a financial plan to get there. Financial planning helps you achieve your goals because it gives you a focused and clear plan for managing your money. If part of your financial plan [...]

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), a benchmark index for stocks, plunged 23.2% in the first quarter of 2020. This marked the DJIA worst quarter since the fourth quarter of 1987 and was the worst first quarter ever recorded. Are you considering investing in the stock market? Or looking for ways to grow your money? [...]