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For many investors, the stock market crash of March 2020 was a chilling reminder that even a booming market can see a sudden drop-off. If you haven’t already done so, you may want to consider this fluctuation as a wake-up call: it’s time to diversify your portfolio! While there may be uncertainty in every investment [...]

The industrial age brought the notion that hard work always equaled a ticket to the good life. The American Dream meant having an opportunity to work your way up from the bottom no matter your individual goals. But reality has set in for many people who realize that it takes a lot more than a [...]

A diamond can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $1,8,00 per carat, depending on the cut and quality. But the thing with diamonds is they’re overrated. They’re not rare, and they’re not valuable. So if you’re looking for a truly rare and stunning stone, check out these rare gemstones. 1. Alexandrite Alexandrite is a fascinating gemstone. [...]

Owning gold is a crucial part of any diversified portfolio. It’s seen as a powerful and defensive asset to be used against a weakening dollar and growing inflation.  Humans have been using gold as currency for thousands of years. And even though the US has gone off of the gold standard, that doesn’t mean that gold is [...]