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Fintech is blowing the minds of everyone in the industry. Finance technology has grown at a rapid pace, and it’s being used by more businesses than ever before. This means you need to get on the ball and start using the technology yourself. Sounds good, except you have one slight problem: you don’t how to work [...]

Ready to start investing in real estate? Great decision! The right investments in real estate can make you a millionaire. Residential investments have a 20-year return of 9.5 percent. This may seem like a small percentage but if you have invested in multiple properties that have a high value it is not difficult to see [...]

According to the latest research, one in three Americans currently has less than $5,000 set aside in retirement savings. Are you part of this group? If so, have you thought about what you’re going to do to make sure you have enough money saved to retire when you’d like to?  The idea of saving for [...]

Recently, you decided that it’s time to start taking your finances more seriously. Along with learning how to budget, you’ve decided to learn how to invest and open a brokerage account. It’s a daunting task, to say the least. How do you know what the best brokerage firms are? To make this task more manageable, [...]