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Landlord & Rental

Potential apartment tenants look for a lot of things in a new place, like location, central AC, and on-site laundry. Most don’t immediately concern themselves with one of the biggest quality concerns in an apartment. They don’t ask about the apartment maintenance workers. Think back. Did you ask about them when you rented your last [...]

COVID-19 has caused many an issue in the current world. All industries are taking precautionary measures to help support the global fight against the spread and risk of the coronavirus. So why not do the same in residential property management? The residents of your property are likely to come in close contact with various other [...]

Are you interested in putting your money to work and growing your wealth? Owning a rental property is one of the best ways to do that. It makes sense to get into the rental market today. After all, more people than ever are renting instead of buying. If you’ve just bought your first rental and [...]

Nearly 65% of people in the United States own their own homes. If you’re among them but are looking to sell, you may want to consider renting your house out instead. If this is something you’ve been thinking about, allow us to give you several reasons as to why turning your home into a rental [...]