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The City of Los Angeles has hours-long traffic jams and flat streets. This makes it ideal to commute on a bike. When you picture the postcard-perfect oceanfront spots such as Malibu Hills and Palo Verdes, you can’t say no to cycling.  Problem is, many cyclists have been involved in a bike accident. In fact, Bicycling [...]

Each year, 5.8 million people die from injuries. Many more sustain damage that can affect their livelihood, as well as their personal lives. While some of these injuries are no one’s fault, or sometimes our own, if you’ve been injured because of someone’s negligence, you’ll need to see a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers [...]

According to the American Psychological association, the rate of divorce in the US is about 40-50%. Another separate study by the TIME puts divorce rate at 39%. When tying the knot, very few anticipate divorcing at any point. However, a lot of things happen in the future that shapes the course of your marriage. Divorce [...]

As a business owner, you are bound to encounter a range of unique situations. Whereas many of these situations will be positive, some will even involve serious legal matters.  This is why business owners are advised to have business lawyers on retainer. Curious as to how exactly a business lawyer can help you? Then read on. [...]

The nationwide study showed that police pull over nearly 50,000 people throughout the country each year. No matter how routine or simple it may be, traffic stops are always unnerving. Leaving many drivers wondering what am I supposed to do when police stop my car? The fact is, if you know your rights and are [...]