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The legal process is a tricky thing and getting served papers isn’t at all like what you see in the movies – or is it? To learn more about getting served, what legal process servers can and cannot do, and more, just read this article. Someone is threatening to sue you. How worried should you [...]

If you experience an injury due to a slip and fall, you may be entitled to compensation. So when is the right time to hire slip and fall attorneys? Click here to learn when the time is right. Slip and fall accidents are the highest cause of workers compensation claims. They account for 12 percent [...]

Is it time to redesign and update your lawfirm’s website? One of the key aspects to consider is visual appeal. Click here to find out how you can master the art of aesthetically-pleasing attorney website design. If you want your attorney website to generate clients, you need to know how to make it visually appealing. [...]

Do you want to attract more potential clients to your practice’s website? Click here for 8 key digital marketing solutions that should help drive traffic to your legal practice site. You are responsible for the success or failure of your legal practice. To optimize profits, you need to make sure you get the word out [...]

Starting your own bail bond business gives you an opportunity to help those in need and make a difference in the world. Over time, it can help you build connections and make a name for yourself in the local community. If you’re wondering how to start a bail bonds business, follow these five steps! In [...]