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Did you know that there are over 2 trillion Google searches per year? Google is the king of search engines, and using it to beef up your marketing can help you connect with your audience. So what do you need to know about using ads on Google search? Keep reading to find out! 1. Google [...]

Google answers billions of search queries each day. These queries range from recipe requests to trying to figure out how to work on your B2B marketing. While Google isn’t the only search engine people use, it is the most popular so we are going to focus on Google throughout the article. Starting an SEO business [...]

You know what your company stands for, you’ve identified your target market, and you understand what sets you apart from your competitors.  The only problem?  You’re having trouble spreading the word about your company, and you think a poor brand strategy is to blame.  If you want to increase brand awareness, then you need to read [...]

Whether you’re trying to up your game or you’ve been writing business thank you notes for a long time, it never hurts to learn a few new things. Writing thank you notes of any kind is a nice extra touch that everyone appreciates. After all — who doesn’t appreciate being appreciated? Business thank you messages [...]

Thinking of starting a flooring business? Do you already have a successful company but are looking to expand its reach? No matter where you are with your business, one thing remains constant: you need great marketing to get new customers.  Of course, if you only do the same old marketing, you’ll only get the same [...]