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There are two factors that determine whether a business will be successful or not. The first is obvious; revenue measures how much a business can do and whether it can grow. However, the second determines whether people resist or appreciate a company’s presence. If people resist a company building itself up around them, the business [...]

These days, it’s more important than ever for businesses to invest in marketing strategies. If you want your business to stay relevant in the modern world, you need to cultivate a loyal consumer base.  Building a brand and posting on social media isn’t the same thing, after all. If you want to stay ahead of [...]

There are over two million apps available for download in the App store. And there is roughly the same number of Android apps. But did you know that Google removes up to 300,000 apps each month? Some of these developers didn’t fill in forms correctly. Others are low-quality apps that don’t do anything. It’s good [...]

There’s more than one way to tell the future of your business. You can consult tarot cards and talk to your local psychic, asking whether or not you will turn a profit. Or, you strategize ways to market your business. The best part of having a mediumship business is that you serve a specific niche. [...]

87% — that’s how many customers you’re at risk of losing because they’re shopping around. You read that right. A study found that of all consumers, only 13% stay loyal to a brand. That means out of 10 previous customers, it’s likely only one will return for more. As if that’s not bad enough, losing [...]