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On average, 10 billion business cards are printed every year. As such, you want to make sure yours stand out. Dull, generic business cards just won’t cut it anymore. So what can you do to make your business card stand out, without breaking the bank? We’ve put together the top five tips to help you [...]

Are you looking to get into marketing real estate on social media but don’t know what to do? If so we are here to help by giving you 7 tips to effectively market your real estate and to generate leads. To see our tips keep reading below. 1. Use All of the Social Media Platforms Available to [...]

On a search results page, almost 50% of traffic goes to the top 3 paid ads. Even with top of the range SEO, you’re going to be losing half of your potential customers without PPC! There’s no denying that Pay Per Click is important. It’s pretty much essential to getting traffic from search engines now. [...]

When it comes to using visuals in marketing, 68% of marketers think it’s very important or an absolute necessity. In the coming years, more than 80% of marketers will use visuals in their marketing materials.  One common visual chosen is the infographic. It creates a visual way of viewing technical and detailed data. By simplifying [...]