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Close to eight million people now work from home. To join this group of remote workers, it’s important to create an efficient workspace in your home or apartment. A home office proves more difficult for people in an apartment than a home, but there are small home office ideas you can implement in these smaller [...]

Did you know that employees well-being is strongly correlated to productivity and performance and the physical workspace is the largest factors of well-being? No wonder employers are looking at ways to help improve the work atmosphere ad office space for their employees. Office remodeling can be complicated and pricey if you don’t have a plan. [...]

In the Digital Age, we have endless ways to connect with our colleagues, bosses, and clients. From emails to conference calls, there’s a mode of communication to suit every occasion and every person. Conference calls, however, are great for important group discussions as well as long-distance communication.  But if you’ve never used this of technology before, [...]