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It’s hard to keep a positive and productive work environment if your employees aren’t happy with their workspace. Setting the vibe at the office isn’t an easy thing to do. You have to strike a balance between professionalism and comfort, promote hard and efficient work while making it feel like a place that your employees’ [...]

The average American worker spends roughly 40 – 60 hours in the workplace. The office is like a second home to most of us. It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that you could be spending more time in your office than at home.  With that in mind, the office should at least be a cozy [...]

Do you want to know the secret to a happier, more productive office? Flowers! As humans, we have a biological desire to be close to nature and other living things. There is actually a term for it; biophilia hypothesis. However, the place where we spend the majority of our day is often stark, bare, and void [...]

There will come a time when your small business office space isn’t enough. You see your business start gaining traction. Sales are rolling in and you’re hiring like crazy. Before long, space is starting to get cramped! What can you do that doesn’t involve relocating? Quite a lot, actually. You will learn smart ways to [...]

If you’re starting your own business, you aren’t alone — there are over 30 million small businesses in the United States.  But before you start selling your product or delivering your services, there are some things that you can’t go without. Keep Reading to find out the must-have business office equipment every office needs! Office [...]