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How much does office interior design really matter? If you’re asking yourself that question, consider a few interesting facts: 87% of employees would like healthier workspace options.Only 32% of employees feel focused and “engaged” in their office space.The #1 detrimental factor to productivity is poor office design. What do you think? Does the layout, look, [...]

A little green can make any place a lot more pleasant to be in. The office is a great space to decorate with plants, as they can boost productivity by 15%. Besides that, plants improve air quality and reduce the risk of sick building syndrome. Considering that the average American spends 7.9 daily hours in the office, this is a [...]

Every year, around 1.5 billion smartphones are sold around the world. With so many new phones in people’s possessions, what happens to their old cell phones? Presumably, they’d either give them to their children or other family members. Or maybe they sell them to recoup costs. Or they throw them away. But when it comes [...]

Though companies today do keep digital records of their important documents, contracts, and client information, most also have physical copies of these records as a backup.  There are countless reasons why you still need to invest in a commercial copy machine.  They allow you to quickly print up one-sheets and contracts for clients. They ensure you can [...]

Is your business growing? Is the total number of your employees growing at a rate that is faster than ever? Are you struggling to connect everyone especially during crucial meetings? With the help of technology, you can solve these problems through video conferencing. If you are unfamiliar with the technology, it involves a live visual [...]