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We should all be on the same page by now: we need to step up our efforts to care for the environment! Experts seem to agree we have roughly 12 years to make a real dent in climate change. What can we all do? Well, in addition to our personal lives at home, we should [...]

Did you know that 42% of American adults currently work at home? In the current COVID-19 situation, home offices are becoming more popular since they’re convenient and safe. If you plan to convert your abode into an office, your main priority is office ergonomics. Practicing proper ergonomics when working ensures you put little to no [...]

In 2017 an estimated 5.2% of workers within the UK were working from home. Though the exact figures are yet to be announced, it seems inevitable that this number is significantly larger in 2020! But if you’re lucky enough to have a work-from-home schedule, where do you complete your work? Working from your bed might [...]

On average, 10 billion business cards are printed every year. As such, you want to make sure yours stand out. Dull, generic business cards just won’t cut it anymore. So what can you do to make your business card stand out, without breaking the bank? We’ve put together the top five tips to help you [...]

Each day, over 11 million meetings are conducted in workplaces across America. Some of these are bold spaces for groundbreaking innovation and others are huge wastes of time, but they all have something in common: conversation. With so much going on at any given meeting, it’s easy to forget what different people have said. This [...]