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If you’ve recently made the switch to working remotely, then there’s a good chance you’re dreaming of overhauling your home office. Sitting in front of your computer all day can have physical effects on your body, including neck and back pain, so it’s important to find a set up that works for you. Here are five [...]

Did you know that landlines are predicted to become a thing of the past? Because of this reason, you might be looking at switching over to an IP telephone before landlines are completely obsolete. There are plenty of benefits when you make the switch. Keep reading to learn the top reasons that your business will [...]

We know that the office environment is really important when it comes to the productivity and well-being of your employees. If your workplace isn’t helping your employees stay focused and happy while at work, you may need to switch things around. Moving to another location to ensure your workers can stay on top of their workload [...]

Do you work in an office? Then you’ve probably noticed a layer of dust here and there. While most people don’t give it a second thought, dust is not as harmless as it seems.  This collection of bacteria, skin cells, dust mites, dead bug particles, and clothing fibers can cause health problems ranging from mild [...]