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Paper, paper everywhere. From the home office to your desk away from home, it’s tough to keep all of your paperwork organized. If you’re looking for some methods for paper clutter organization, look no further. This handy guide will give you some helpful tips to ensure that all of your old files and important documents [...]

Whether it’s a hot cup of coffee or an ice-cold beverage, providing your employees and customers with drinks can increase revenue and morale. If you’re thinking of setting up a beverage station for your company, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Check out this quick, helpful guide that will show you [...]

What if your football pool could be even more exciting than the big game? Many offices build camaraderie by starting up football pools. However, a poorly-run pool is no fun and will quickly turn your office mates against each other. Wondering how to run the best office pool and be the here your workplace needs? Keep [...]

Employees who work from home are more productive than traditional workers. Perhaps that’s one reason why telecommuting is becoming increasingly popular. But working from home does present some unique challenges. For example, you need an office space. Think you can get by with your couch and laptop? Not if you want to do your best [...]

Your workspace influences you. It depends on the setting as well as the ambience of the office to have a positive or negative effect on the employee. The physical workspace affects the employee experience. There are many reasons that have a direct relation to the mood of the employee when he comes to the workspace. [...]