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Pest Control

Did you know that the mosquito spreads more diseases than any other insect type? This is just one pest that you don’t want to deal with. If you are having issues with mosquitos or another type of pests, call the experts right away. Read on to learn about three tips for finding the best pest [...]

Common pests around the house like cockroaches or mice are often easy to get rid of. You can buy products or set up a trap and have the problem solved. However, it isn’t always the best idea to do your own pest control. Pests don’t often come by themselves and will usually have some friends around [...]

Do you know that everybody has to deal with pest menace at some point in their life? Whether it’s in the house, office, or lawn, pests have no mercy. Everyone gets shivers down their spine at the mention of these creepy crawling creatures. But as an entrepreneur, pest menace can be a blessing in disguise. [...]

Did you know that rodents can directly transmit diseases such as salmonella, plague, and Lassa fever?  Beyond the effect they can have on human health, rodents are also a nuisance that damage property and cause foul odors. If you’re a business owner, you need to know the signs of a rodent infestation. By knowing how [...]

One of the oldest insects still alive today, cockroaches lived more than 150 million years before the dinosaurs.  Although they are interesting from a scientific perspective, they are only fascinating at a distance. Nobody wants to observe these bugs in their homes, under any circumstance. Cockroaches provoke a primal instinct of fear and disgust in most people. Perhaps [...]