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Pest Control

One of the oldest insects still alive today, cockroaches lived more than 150 million years before the dinosaurs.  Although they are interesting from a scientific perspective, they are only fascinating at a distance. Nobody wants to observe these bugs in their homes, under any circumstance. Cockroaches provoke a primal instinct of fear and disgust in most people. Perhaps [...]

Paying for a home renovation is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Since it’s such a big risk, why wouldn’t you want a professional going into your property to be sure there are no pest issues or structural defects? A building and pest inspection is very important, but why does it need [...]

Are you struggling with a rat problem? You aren’t alone. A survey performed in 2017 found that 1 in 3 Americans spotted a rodent in their home during the previous year. Rat problems are a growing concern. If you don’t approach this problem without a plan, then you aren’t going to succeed when you try [...]

Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars eliminating pest infestations in their homes. In fact, termites alone cause $5 billion worth of damage each year. Often, homeowners don’t realize that they have a pest problem until it’s too late and the pests have done serious damage. Are you worried about pests damaging your home? Do you [...]

Being in the food processing or serving industry puts you in an interesting predicament.  On one hand, you absolutely cannot allow pests into your work environment. Consumers finding bugs and animal parts in their food isn’t exactly good for business.  On the other hand, safety is paramount. Most pest management systems involve some form of [...]