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According to the American Pet Products Association, the US pet supply industry is expected to see over $75 billion in sales in 2019. That’s $3 billion more than what was spent last year to keep “man’s best friend” happy and healthy. If you dream of opening an animal supply store, then this article is for [...]

66% of people report they have lost sleep due to stress at work.  If you want to reduce the level of stress in your office, you might want to think about installing an aquarium. However, you may doubt your ability to take care of the fish, and so you might not be sold on the idea.   This [...]

Your kids have been asking for a puppy for a while. Finally, you decide to give in to their request and surprise them with a cute little Labrador puppy. Not long after the kids introduce the new fur baby to the house they go potty in it.   Beside their pee pad. It may be [...]

Nowadays, it seems like everybody has a pet, but not everybody has low maintenance pets for apartments. This statement is backed up by many reasons. Pets are known for entertainment. It feels great to have a pet as your companion at home. Pets have been extensively beneficial to most people. Regarding benefit, a pet has [...]

More people own dogs than ever before. In fact, 38% of households have at least one furry friend living with them. Yet, most of us have to leave our pets behind each day to go to work. Here lies the challenge of balancing your time between your dog and going to work. Keep reading to [...]