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According to a recent survey, almost 40% of dog owners have skipped at least one vacation in order to stay at home with their four-legged friends. These people have chosen not to travel simply because they don’t want to leave their dogs behind. Do you fall into this category? If so, you should know that you [...]

In the U.S., 63 million households have at least one dog as a pet. Do you have a furry friend that is basically the center of your universe? For many of us, our dogs are pretty much a member of our families. That being the case, we all want our pups to live as long [...]

Science shows us that owning animals increases happiness and reduces stress. They give us so much so we must know how to give them care in return.  Horse care can seem like a daunting task. However, it is easier than you think to take care of your equestrian friend. We have put together a simple [...]

Are you looking for a pet who won’t chew your shoes or shred the couch cushions while you’re at work? Consider adding maxima clams to your family. They’re intriguing, don’t shed, and they won’t break the bank with their diet. Speaking of diets, what do freshwater clams eat? Do they eat the same food as [...]

If there’s one unrelated person that every pet owner’s got on speed dial, it’s their veterinarian. We rely on our veterinarians for so much. From routine vaccinations to life-saving operations. They’re always there for us in our hour of need even if it’s just to answer sometimes silly questions based on unfounded worries.  As pet owners, [...]