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The plumbing industry in the United States is forecast to generate $113 billion in 2020. Do you want to grab a share of these revenues? If yes, you need to start a plumbing business. Commercial and residential property owners, government agencies, and non-governmental institutions rely on the services of plumbers to keep their water and [...]

At some point, everyone experiences a plumbing issue. It can be a backed-up toilet, a clogged drain, or a bathroom remodel. Bringing in a professional will get the job done quickly and done right. The average homeowner has a plunger in the garage somewhere. If that fixes the problem there is no need for a plumber. [...]

Did you know that in 2018, U.S. consumers spent a whopping $18.5 billion on bottled water? What’s more, that number represents a staggering 8.8% increase in sales from the year before! The primary reason for such massive revenues? For starters, because bottled water can cost up to 300 times more than tap water. That should [...]

Of all the appliances in your home, the water heater is arguably the most important. Right up there with the furnace, it’s one of the things we rely on most for the running of a smooth household.  No one wants to start their day off with a shower that suddenly goes cold. And certainly, no [...]