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You have it all picked out in your mind. It’s your dream home! But with everything else to do in your life, how do you go about budgeting for a house? Should you just start feeding a piggy bank like you did when you were a kid? Or is there a better way to do [...]

Did you know home sales were up by 5.9%? Are you looking to sell your home but looking for a quality checklist?  This article will cover getting a house ready to sell with the complete checklist you need. Read on to discover the top tips for selling your home you won’t want to miss.  1. [...]

The Rainy, summer storms are behind us, but it’s never too early to be prepared. Do you know what to do if your house floods? In fact, flooding is so common that it constitutes 90% of all natural disasters in the United States. It’s the most costly natural disaster because it’s so prevalent.  Of course, [...]

In today’s modern world, there are becoming more efficient ways to use the materials and products that already exist. Those products and materials go from being an item that’s out of its time to something that can be used for a greater purpose. Such is the way that shipping containers are now being used as [...]

If you’re looking to build a new home now or in the future, you need to make sure you hire the best home builders in your area. You might be surprised by the number of issues that arise in brand new homes for homeowners. When buying a brand-new home, you don’t expect to have any [...]