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Real Estate

Rhode Island might be the smallest state, but it’s also considered the best state to live in if you prioritize the natural environment. Also ranking high for its health care and low crime, there are a lot of reasons that moving to Rhode Island might be the choice for you. Are you interested in starting [...]

According to the United States Census Bureau, the typical American moves 11.7 times in their life. Whether you’ve moved five times or fifteen, if you’re like most people, odds are that you want the move to be over with as fast as possible.  Yet if it’s your first time moving, you may be curious. How [...]

Economists are watching the current real estate market and all wondering the same thing: are we about to see another housing bubble? According to some, the answer is yes. As we enter into a pandemic-fueled recession, it is entirely likely that the housing market is going to get as ugly now as it was in [...]

In 2019, around 31 million Americans moved across the U.S. That’s 9% of the population moving every year!  Whether it’s relocating for your job or seeking a better climate, you must consider your current situation and how your life will change once you move. If you’re about to move house and you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’re [...]

Are you weighing the pros and cons of buying a condo? There are many reasons for you to live in the city. Passions such as dream jobs or your hobbies can be more commonplace there. Doing so also allows you to access many utilities such as nearby banks and stores that sell your preferred products. Buying [...]