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Real Estate

Careers in real estate can be quite lucrative. Rather than receive an hourly rate or salary, agents earn real estate commission on every sale.  It sounds a bit scary not having a steady income. Your earnings are a direct reflection of your sales. For beginners, it could be weeks or months before you see a paycheck. [...]

If you count up all the times you’ll move over your lifetime, it will probably be somewhere near the average of 11. In case you’ve bought a home that had some problems, unloading it might be a challenge. All you have to do is learn how to sell a house as is, and you’ll find [...]

Are you struggling to find your way to buying even a starter home? Between 2010 and 2016, the share of US homes bought by first-time home buyers fell from around 50% to around 35%. That suggests there’s a large number of first-time buyers out there who are struggling to buy a home. Is it time for more home-buying [...]

It’s always been said that it’s smarter to buy a house than rent one. While owning a home is also pricey, the amount you pay in home loan payments could ring in close to your monthly rent. In some cases, it’s much lower. This is why many renters are looking into purchasing a home rather [...]

If you own a real estate business, you know that the state of the housing market is changing every year-and you need to change with it. Real estate trends determine how realtors should work with homebuyers and sellers. If you’re behind on the current trends, you’ll lose clients to other businesses. Here are the five [...]