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Food & Beverage

Americans drink an average of 400 million cups of coffee every day. In fact, over half of coffee drinkers would rather forgo a refreshing shower than their cup o’ joe. But would you feel the same if the pick-me-up liquid in your mug was tinged green? Green coffee beans are unprocessed, unroasted coffee beans. They [...]

The one industry that seems like there is always a new player popping up on the block is no doubt food and beverage. The barrier to entry in this industry is low: all you need to start selling food and beverages are the supplies required to make it! But if you want to be successful in [...]

There are over one million restaurants in the United States. Yet if there’s one thing that’s essential across every eatery, from sea to shining sea, it’s hygiene. If your restaurant cleaning routine isn’t up to scratch, you’re putting your employees and your customers at risk. There are some parts of restaurant cleaning that are obvious, [...]

Every year, around 48 million Americans experience food poisoning. While the poisoning is only fatal in a small percentage of cases, it’s still terrifying to think that the wrong meal could be deadly. Food safety standards help keep the bar high when it comes to things like quality and handling. Take a look at this guide [...]

Did you know that your body is about 60 percent water? It’s true! That’s why experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water every day so that you can maintain proper hydration and get the fluid your body needs to function. Drinking clean, high-quality water is crucial to staying healthy. If your home water systems aren’t [...]