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Thanks to technology, managing a restaurant is more efficient than ever. Today’s software makes things possible that restaurant management of past generations could only dream of.  The restaurant industry constantly evolves, though. Keeping up with the latest and greatest technology can be a struggle, especially when you’re running between the kitchen and the front of the house 8 [...]

Running a restaurant can be a seriously rewarding business. You provide a home for people to come to, leave their worries, and fill up on some seriously yummy food. And if you hit it big, there’s some real money that can be made in the business as well.  But there’s also a lot of food [...]

What’s as important as food in the restaurant industry? It could actually be a number of things including the staff, the menu, or the ambiance of the venue. But in this case, it’s restaurant insurance. Without it, you could be putting yourself and your patrons at risk, and that could sink you financially before you even [...]

The food is an essential part of any party or event that we attend. So if you’re interested in starting a catering business, then you aren’t alone.  Cooking is a passion for many people. Starting a catering business is a great way for more people to eat and enjoy your food.  It’s also a riveting [...]

Nearly 60 percent of customers don’t return to a restaurant after one negative experience. You can’t afford to lose these customers! You only have one chance to make a good impression. If you make a mistake here, you’ll wish you never opened your restaurant.  You’re about to realize your dream of opening up a restaurant and [...]