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There’s never been more attention paid to breweries than there has been over the past decade or so. The idea of a local brewery has exploded in popularity, with craft breweries of all shapes and sizes popping up in American cities from coast to coast. The world of craft beer is thriving and you might [...]

Does your cutting board look like it’s been through the First World War? Or are your kitchen knives so dull they look like butter knives? If you answered yes, it’s time to upgrade your kitchen utensils and gadgets. Here’s our list of the best kitchen utensils and gadgets you need to get for 2021.  Let’s cut into it: [...]

The customers’ psychology is of prime importance when they enter a restaurant. If what they see is appealing, their appetite increases, and they’re likely to order more food and more expensive dishes. For that reason alone, you have to get your restaurant interior design just right. Attracting new customers, and getting your existing clients to spread [...]

Being a food entrepreneur comes with several advantages. For one thing, you’ll get to follow your passion. Not only that but with food, you can start anywhere. For example, you can start a food truck, open up a small restaurant, or provide catering services. With that said, there are a few cons. For starters, there [...]

Americans drink an average of 400 million cups of coffee every day. In fact, over half of coffee drinkers would rather forgo a refreshing shower than their cup o’ joe. But would you feel the same if the pick-me-up liquid in your mug was tinged green? Green coffee beans are unprocessed, unroasted coffee beans. They [...]