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Unboxing is more than a fad. This wildly popular social media trend is quickly becoming a cultural movement, Savvy web-retailers are taking full advantage of the unboxing trend by getting creative with their packaging. It is doing wonders for boosting their brands. Creating stylish and unique packaging may seem like a luxury reserved only for [...]

Most people are aware by now that vaping is a growing trend. The BBC estimates that by 2021, the number of adults who vape will reach 55 million. But scientists have done very few studies on vaping, Many believe that, while it’s safer than traditional smoking, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. The good news is [...]

Electronic cigarettes were invented in the 1960s, but the technology really took off in the 2000s. Now, it’s a worldwide industry worth more than $20 billion. It seems there’s a vape shop on every corner. Are you a vape aficionado? Are you looking for a piece of that sizable market? Setting up a vape company might be [...]

During the holiday season, retailers see steady flows of customers through their doors. But, all too often, we experience a lull in business shortly after December 25th.  So, how do we keep patrons coming in through our not-so-busy seasons? Well, for one, it’s important we implement a series of old and new marketing tactics. We [...]