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The organic food industry has more than doubled in sales since 2007. Organic groceries are in high demand, making this a smart business investment. Yet, there’s much that goes into owning and operating a store that sells organic goods. Considering starting a grocery business that appeals to shoppers who love organic products?  Check out this [...]

Did you know that several countries advertise product pricing with the sales tax included? If only we had that in the United States! Unfortunately, if you’re shopping in the United States, calculating the total cost before checkout is difficult. What if you’re checking out customers and the power goes out? Do you know how to figure [...]

The vending machine is one of those items we see constantly, but never really put much thought into. They’re everywhere, yet people don’t know how they work or why they work. However, owning and operating vending machines can be a very profitable, low-effort business if you do your research. So, how much do vending machines make and [...]

Getting a new business off the ground isn’t easy. If you love t-shirts, then you know how lucrative t-shirt businesses can be. Every time you get a new tee, you’re spending another $20, $30, $40, and beyond to be able to wear a cool slogan or image on your shirt.  In theory, it seems pretty [...]

Did you know that a gemstone can be any type of mineral or organic material that have unique characteristics and beauty? Collecting gemstones has been becoming increasingly popular, people are using them for “healing benefits,” display, and collections. There are over 2,700 mineral species, making it difficult to decide which ones to purchase or find.  [...]