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If your food products aren’t properly sealed and stored through the shipping process, then they will not make it to the customer and still be top quality. If you want to avoid bad food packaging design, check out these tips. According to the United Nations around one-third of the food produced in the world gets [...]

Are you wondering which kind of label and package design styles pop off of the shelf? Take a look at these 12 tips to get more customers to stop and look at what you have to offer. The label and package are the first things a customer sees before purchasing a product. If the packaging [...]

If you’ve just launched your clothing brand, you know that advertising and promotion is your next key step in making it successful. Learn how to present your great fashion ideas to the world by reading this guide on how to promote a clothing line in 10 easy steps. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re promoting [...]

More and more people are shopping exclusively online, causing the e-commerce industry to explode. It’s now worth billions of dollars, and if you want to get some skin in the game, you’ll have to launch an online store. If you don’t know how to do that, follow this guide to e-commerce for dummies. E-commerce can [...]

Any company that has a strong social media presence is ahead of the pack when competing for new customers. Here are 4 tips for an appliance company trying to improve their social media campaign. Does your social media campaign need help? Businesses try to use social media to grow their revenue and reach new customers. [...]