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Did you know the world’s very first ATM machine made its debut more than 50 years ago? It was set up in a suburb called Enfield right outside of London after a local engineer came up with the concept for it. Ever since then, people have been using ATM machines to make deposits and withdrawals outside of normal [...]

Did you know there are simple and easy ways to clean your jewelry at home? It’s normal for jewelry to get tarnished and dirty, but there are ways you can clean your favorite jewelry to make it look like new again.  Keep reading for our DIY jewelry cleaner guide. There are great ways to make [...]

It’s the best time ever to be a sneaker lover, since brands of all types are delivering the goods when it comes to artistry and creativity. Even better, these sneaker releases are perfect for the court since they’re comfortable and protective.  Many sneakers coming out this year were worn in-game by some of the best [...]

While we’re all inside, many of us are actually being seen more than ever. People all over the world are using video chat software to virtually meet up with friends, family, coworkers, and even complete strangers at events like online raves. So, while it’s great to stay comfy during your extended stay home, that’s no [...]

A wedding ring is hopefully a one-time purchase. Most couples spend around $2,200 on wedding rings. It’s a purchase that has to be just right. Are you wondering how to customize a gold ring for your wedding? If that’s the case, we’ve got answers here. Read on to learn how to make your wedding ring [...]