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Risk Management

Did you know that it is estimated that around 79 million people will enroll in Medicare by the year 2030? If you are entering into the world of Medicare but are feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to choose the best Medicare Supplement plans to make it easier on your pockets, you are in the right place.  [...]

There’s no better feeling of freedom than the one that comes when you’re driving. The wind through your hair, good music on the radio, an open road — the world is yours to explore and it feels good. Unfortunately, it only takes one small mistake for all that to come crashing down. Before you hit the [...]

Every year, businesses face a huge number of cybersecurity threats. If you are compromised, you could lose years of work or suffer a data breach, which on average costs businesses over $8 million. Knowing about security vulnerabilities helps you stay ahead of them and combat them. This reduces your chances of being compromised and suffering [...]

Dealing with the aftermath of an auto collision can be daunting, especially when insurance companies get involved.  The good news is that insurance will for car wreck damage. The bad news is this: the insurance bureaucracy can hamper the repair process. This article will explain the best way to repair your vehicle after an automobile accident. [...]

You are working from home. You are your own boss. You run your business. How does one get health insurance coverage when working alone? Are there affordable options for one person to be covered? Where can you find coverage that will work for you? Health coverage can be confusing, especially when there isn’t a human [...]