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Risk Management

When you’ve got a good idea and you’re ready to build a business around it, the last thing you typically think about is protecting the idea itself. You’re more concerned with creating a solid brand and securing financing for your business. And that’s great, that’s what you should be able to focus on without worry. [...]

If you’re not invested in your cyber security, you’re not invested in the future of your business.  60% of small businesses collapse after a cyber security attack on their company. You can’t ignore the threat, and you can’t pretend it won’t happen to you. If it happens and you’re not prepared, it’s too late. That’s why you [...]

In the past 50 years, Louisiana saw its sea levels rise by eight inches. Many portions of the state disappeared beneath the water.  But Louisiana isn’t the only state experiencing the devastating effects of climate change. Other coastal areas are also susceptible to global warming’s effects. For company owners, understanding climate changes’ consequences means the [...]

As a business owner, insurance becomes a murky world. You’re totally responsible for making insurance decisions for yourself, not at the mercy of employer-provided insurance. A lot of the time, that raises more questions than answers. One of them is whether or not it makes sense to create a hybrid long term care life insurance [...]

The frequency of motorcycle-related deaths in the United States has decreased over the last few years, but it’s still way higher than it ought to be. In fact, fatalities from motorcycle accidents occur 28 times more often than fatalities from vehicle accidents. If you ride a motorcycle, it’s crucial that you take steps to stay [...]