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Risk Management

Every hour in the United States, about 500 workers are injured on the job. Stretch this to a year and you’re looking at over 2 million injuries. While a workplace injury can cause you untold physical and emotional pain, it can also keep you out of work for several weeks, months, or even years. This [...]

Employees get injured at work almost every 7 seconds, and if you’re one of the unlucky ones you need to know how to deal with the situation. Injuries at work will harm your productivity as well as your health. You will likely have to spend time away from work, which will jeopardize your earnings. Medication [...]

American employers must provide their employees with a long list of basic benefits. These benefits include things like time off to vote and Federal Family and Medical Leave. But they do not have to provide employee health insurance benefits if they don’t want to. As a result, less than 50% of private-sector companies extend health benefits to their employees at this [...]

The United States recorded more than 2.8 nonfatal workplace injuries in the year 2018. Such concerns form the basis for the emerging focus on Operational Risk Management. ORM is a solution to emerging work-related threats. Incident and emergency management procedures are among the ORM measures. Businesses face numerous risks in the cause of operations. These [...]

According to experts, human error is the major cause of car accidents in the United States. You may think these incidents are the only accidents that may end in a lawsuit, but that’s far from the truth. Believe it or not, you should consider consulting an attorney when you suffer certain types of accidents. Consulting a legal expert [...]