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Risk Management

If you’re looking to purchase or own any sort of commercial property, you’ve already made a big investment. Owning property can come with a huge amount of benefits. In fact, most people consider real estate one of the smartest investments. However, failure to properly protect this investment with commercial property insurance can be a huge [...]

If you’re looking into buying flood insurance as a protective measure for your home, you should know what it will cover. After all, you want to spend money on a plan that provides the safety net you need during a natural disaster. And you might not know what to expect. Read on to learn what [...]

Planning to take the boat out this summer? Well, you’re not the only one. Boat sales were up 10% last year, which means there’ll be lots more people on the water than usual. And for good reason! It doesn’t matter whether you’re fishing, swimming, or enjoying a simple day’s drifting. Being on the boat’s fun [...]

When you run a business, there are several factors that contribute to how smoothly your operation runs. If you’re not careful and you neglect an area of your business operations, it could cause your company to shut down. However, by implementing operational risk management, you can ensure that your business is operating the way that [...]

Did you know that a whopping 3.5 million people work as truck drivers in America? That means driving trucks is one of the biggest occupations in our country! With those kinds of numbers on the road, though, there’s bound to be accidents. Were you involved in a truck-related accident? If so, then your case might [...]