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The goal for most captive insurance companies is to promote progressive thinking. Companies have the option to be less dependent on insurance providers. Captive insurance frees employers from insurance plans that put them at risk. Captive insurance may be better than traditional insurance for many businesses. Employers who are afforded the opportunity to self-fund their [...]

Your company can’t afford to not have small business insurance. Why? An insurance policy is a contract you sign into that indemnifies you for covered losses. It helps you manage cash flow uncertainty—in the event that an employee gets hurt, or out-of-pocket costs could be extreme. Often, it also helps you stay compliant with legal [...]

Trying to decide between a structured settlement and lump sum agreement? When you finally make it to the end of your personal injury case and win, it seems like the hard part is over. But now you have to figure out the best way to receive all that money. There are pros and cons to [...]

It’s nice living the condo life.  You don’t have to worry about mowing your lawn. Plowing your driveway is someone else’s problem. And if something needs to be repaired, the HOA has it covered! Right? Well, kind of.  If you’re enjoying the good life in a condo, then you’re also paying into a Home Owner [...]

Are you cautious about money? Do you feel like you pay way too much in insurance premiums when you never file any claims? If pinching pennies is important, you’re probably wondering if you can just forego carrying insurance. Do you need car insurance after all? Here are all the reasons car insurance is a good [...]