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Staying healthy is important. That’s why you try to eat the healthiest foods possible and get plenty of exercise. And yet there’s no guarantee that you won’t get sick.  There are millions of uninsured people in this country. Many of them are sick or have conditions that need proper medical treatment. This can be a problem [...]

Almost 100 million people in the United States either have no health insurance or are underinsured. Many of those individuals are freelancers. Freelancers are private contractors that work with clients and get paid on a per-project basis. Given their classification as a contractor rather than an employee, companies can work with these individuals without providing [...]

Workers comp benefits give employees an average of $40,051. But what are workers compensation benefits?  If you’ve been injured at work, you should be entitled to a range of different benefits. These can help you out with lost wages, medical bills, and more. Almost every state offers a full range of benefits that can help [...]

The role of public insurance adjusters may not be particularly well-known to consumers, but they stand to gain a lot from these professionals. That’s especially true when there’s a claim of considerable size at stake. In the following article, we’ll be talking about the role of the public insurance adjuster, their responsibilities, and how to [...]

According to experts, the average armed security guard salary ranges between $10 to $21 per hour. However, it may vary depending on your location, guard’s experience, and business security needs. Hiring armed or unarmed security guards can help you protect your business from burglary, fire and other incidents. While you may own a business liability [...]