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Did you realize that only around 40 percent of the small businesses in America are considered profitable? Taking a small business from startup to success story can be one of the most challenging things you do in your life. The key to having a successful business is preparing for the worst but hoping for the [...]

There are 6 million car accidents on average in America every year. This translates to over 16,438 accidents per day. Many companies that own or lease commercial vehicles will invariably fall under these statistics and experience a type of accident. Regardless of whether they will be at fault or not, they will suffer loss. For [...]

You’ve worked for years to bring your dream business to life.  Whether you’re self-employed or manage a team of hundreds of people, you don’t want a lawsuit from a customer or a member of the public to destroy everything you’ve created.  That’s why you should get public liability insurance (PLI) before you even open your [...]

As a business owner, insurance becomes a murky world. You’re totally responsible for making insurance decisions for yourself, not at the mercy of employer-provided insurance. A lot of the time, that raises more questions than answers. One of them is whether or not it makes sense to create a hybrid long term care life insurance [...]