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Shipping & Transportation

The cost of shipping has increased by 6% over the past year. For small business owners, the rising prices can be straining. Yet, your customers want to receive their orders on time and in the best condition.   Shipping is an indispensable part of most businesses. Using the right shipping tools can enable you to track [...]

Do you know that companies in the U.S. spent over $1 trillion in shipping costs in 2017? With so many companies shipping items it’s no surprise that everyone is looking for ways to save on their shipping charges.  You’re probably here because you are also looking for ways to bring your shipping costs down every [...]

Does your business depend on shipping? There are about 1.3 million ecommerce companies out there. Most of them depend on the delivery of a physical product in a timely fashion. The thing is, the definition of a timely fashion changes as consumer expectations change. Big retailers are raising the stakes, as they offer same-day or [...]

The trucking industry generates around 700 billion dollars in the United States alone. If you own a trucking company, you know getting your payments as soon as you make a delivery is next to impossible. While on-time deliveries are vital to get your invoices paid, waiting for the payments to come in can put a [...]