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The global tech sector is worth trillions of dollars worldwide. Software companies represent a huge piece of that pie, routinely generating billions of dollars in sales every year. If you’re currently in the software development and sales game, then the amount of potential the industry offers is not surprising to you. What may be surprising, [...]

Is it time to upgrade the technology your business is using? That’s not fun at all but is necessary to keep your business running smoothly. Your business technology is what makes your business efficient. Yes, there is a price to pay for that efficiency. There’s also an opportunity to make your business that much better. [...]

Application modernization services will be worth $16.67 billion by 2022. Many companies need legacy modernization because their outdated software doesn’t meet business goals. As such, they’re losing millions of dollars in data trapped in their legacy systems. One reason why businesses hold on to old software is that some systems are hard to replace. An [...]

If you’re not invested in your cyber security, you’re not invested in the future of your business.  60% of small businesses collapse after a cyber security attack on their company. You can’t ignore the threat, and you can’t pretend it won’t happen to you. If it happens and you’re not prepared, it’s too late. That’s why you [...]

When it comes to computer issues, it can be hard to solve them on your own. Remote desktop software can be installed to help you fix those issues or to complete a presentation in style. It may seem a little intrusive at first, but you’ll soon learn the incredible benefits that come from having such [...]