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Puzzle-solving and brain teasers date all the way back to 2300 BC. But we’ve come a long way from labyrinth drawings and Chinese puzzle boxes. Now there are loads of great puzzlers available to play using your smartphone! Practicing puzzle skills improves spatial awareness, short-term memory, and can even boost your IQ. On top of [...]

Do you know how to winterize your boat? As the winter season comes, whether you decide to use your boat or not, it’ll need extra care. Preparing a boat for winter is not as daunting as it seems with this guide. Follow the steps below and get your boat ready. Here are seven steps on [...]

Since the first Roman swung a stick at a stuffed ball way back in 44BC, the sport of golf’s grown in leaps and bounds. Today, the golfing industry’s worth a staggering $3.66 billion and is one of the fastest-growing recreational activities on Earth. In recent times, the sport’s received even more of a boost due to [...]

Planning to take the boat out this summer? Well, you’re not the only one. Boat sales were up 10% last year, which means there’ll be lots more people on the water than usual. And for good reason! It doesn’t matter whether you’re fishing, swimming, or enjoying a simple day’s drifting. Being on the boat’s fun [...]

The popularity of boat ownership has skyrocketed in recent years. Heck, boat sales were up 10% in 2020! That’s a whole lot of new people hitting the water and enjoying the immense benefits boating has to offer. Not all boats are made equal though. And, of all the diverse vessel options available, there’s one, in [...]