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Forget about buying one-of-a-kind gifts for your loved ones. Research shows you should think long-term. Even if you feel your gifts are somewhat dull, most recipients care more about value over time. That means the more they can use your presents, the more they’ll appreciate them. Another tip for buying great gifts is to consider [...]

A whopping 4.2 million Americans play pickleball—and that number has been on the rise for years. Now, it’s your turn to join the many who already play this popular game. Of course, you have a few questions first. Namely, how do you play pickleball? Turns out, it’s equal parts simple and fun. Here’s what you [...]

Despite the downward trend in COVID-19 cases and the rapid rollout of the vaccine, many Americans are still stuck at home. Companies are hesitant to resume in-office working schedules, and many state governments continue to advise caution.  However, it’s hard to stay upbeat and positive after not being able to live your normal life for so long.  [...]

Are you looking forward to an upcoming fishing trip? Before you pack your rod and bait and head out, do you have the right clothes for fishing? The right fishing clothes will make your trip more comfortable. The clothes also have a functional process to make it easier for your fishing trips. They can also [...]

Did you know that hummingbirds can flutter their wings up to 80 beats per second? That’s where they get their charming name from since the sound of their wings creates a noticeable hum. These beautifully-colored and intriguing little birds brighten any garden or yard. Have you ever wondered what to feed hummingbirds to keep them [...]