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Web Development

Your business hasn’t got an app yet? Why not? Apps account for over 80% of mobile usage. In three years, mobile app downloads increased to 204bn. Global app revenue rose to $462bn in 2019. Maybe you do want an app for your business but don’t know who to trust. Every tech company offers an app development service, [...]

Not many business owners know this, but you can actually improve your digital marketing strategy by improving your website. It’s true, most associate digital marketing with SEO, social media, video production, and online advertisements. But, there’s one crucial element that lies behind all of these things and that’s your website. If your website isn’t functional [...]

About 45% of small business owners lack an active website. Some upstarts prefer doing things the traditional way, probably due to the seemingly complex nature of technology.  Yet, failure to have a business website during this digital age will be a disfavor to your brand.  Having a WordPress-powered website will have unimaginable benefits to your [...]

In 2019, about 100 million Americans took a vacation. With so many people on the move and vacationing away from home, they’ll need somewhere to stay. Many will stay in hotels, but plenty of others will seek out vacation rentals to enjoy their time in. A rented home, even when it’s not your own, is [...]

Thanks to the latest technology in both photography and screen resolution, we can view digital images with more sharpness and clarity than ever before. In this age of high definition, does it still make sense to use blurred images in web design?  Actually, yes, it does—if you know how to use them. That’s where we come in. [...]