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Web Development

Are Etsy shops successful? Well, considering that Etsy has over 3 million active sellers, it’s safe to say that an Etsy shop can be successful. However, not everyone who puts up shop will find success in Etsy. You have to know the right ingredients to launch a successful Etsy shop. If you’re wondering how to [...]

Did you know the average startup spends around $1,857 on software?  You might be spending a lot of money on software, but you might not be happy with the solutions you have. Following this, you may want to invest in custom software so that you can get a solution that’s perfect for your business.  Here’s [...]

Looking to sell your products and merchandise online? Keeping up with your business’s demands is harder now that the pandemic is hitting us hard. Most companies shut down without having a chance to bring themselves back from the brink. If you don’t want to be among the 100,000 businesses who closed due to the pandemic, [...]

One of the biggest struggles a developer is going to face is choosing their integrated development environment (IDE). Developers a fickle bunch when it comes to what they’re staring at for hours at a time. Some HTML editors offer aesthetic choices over functional; some IDE’s are purely streamlined for efficiency.  There’s a whole host of editors [...]

As a blogger, artist, or business owner, you want your website to attract visitors, right? To do that, you’re constantly adding quality content, responding to comments, and promoting your site on social media. But something is missing. When was the last time you checked your WordPress website’s user experience? How easy (or difficult) is it [...]