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Create a Break Room Employees Will Love and Embrace the Coffee Break Culture

According to recent studies, 38% of Americans do not feel encouraged to take a lunch break. And while this number is drastically high, it should make bosses take a second look at what kind of morale their office break room is building.

Break rooms were meant for employees to relax, recharge, and regroup before going back in the workplace. But if it’s supposed to be such a positive environment, why do employees avoid it?

Fortunately, we’ve put together an extensive list of break room must-haves that will boost your office morale.

Different Types Of Seating

As odd as it might sound, providing your break room with different modes of seating will help boost morale immediately. From bar-styled seating to lounge chairs, your employees will appreciate the space available to them in order to recharge before going back to work.

Full-Service Dining

One of greatest additions you can add to your break room is full-service dining. Not only can this be convenient for your employees, but this can also serve as residual income for your company as well.

If you have already implemented full-service dining into your business, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to think of alternative dining for the days full-service is closed. This way, your employees don’t have to worry about leaving the campus during break time.

Residential Styled Design

Let’s be real. When work gets stressful, you want to revert to a place where you can relax. Fortunately, you are able to boost morale in your workplace by simply setting a residential styled design. By constructing a sense of unity and comfort in your break room, you will notice higher levels of productivity from your workers.

Nespresso Machine

Looking to increase productivity ASAP? We recommend a Nespresso machine for your office. It’s no secret–mornings are not always the easiest time to function.

Fortunately, Nespresso machines were made with Monday mornings in mind. Because they come in a wide range of strengths and flavors, a Nespresso machine is perfect for the daily caffeine fix.


Last on our list of break room must-haves is a library. This is the perfect place for employees to escape from the frustrations they may be dealing with at work. Because libraries are known for their relaxing ambiance, this will be the perfect place for employees to regroup, recharge, and regain their momentum before going back into work.

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