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Dealing With Roof Water Damage? 7 Signs You May Need a New Roof

As a homeowner, a time will come that you will need to replace your roof. The need to do this may come sooner than you expected because you might have completely forgotten about your roof after building not knowing that it needs an inspection from time to time. Many people only realize the need to replace their roofs after noticing some leakage.

Dealing with roof water damage? We put together 7 signs that mean you may need to invest in a new roof for your home.

1. Start From Inside

When you suspect that your roof might be having some issues, the best place to start checking from is the attic and not the exterior. To do this climb up under the soffit and check for any streaks and stains which are the common signs you need a new roof. You can also check if any beams of light are coming through the roof.

2. Check Shingles for Roof Water Damage

After a heavy downpour or storm, check your rooftop to ensure it is still in perfect shape. Check whether the shingles are still lying flat over the roof, and also check the downspouts and gutters for granules of shingles.

If you notice damaged parts, cracked or are buckling, then take immediate action. Such parts, if not repaired in good time, may get worse in the second and subsequent storms.

Also, if you see some granules in your gutter, it could be a sign that the roof is almost at the end of its lifespan. The granules show that the shingles that protect them from wearing away may have some damage exposing them to water and the weather elements.

3. The Age of Your Roof

The duration that your roof has taken can also give you some indication as to whether you need to replace it. For example, an asphalt shingle roof may need to be replaced after 20 – 25 years, while a roof that is constructed on a layer of shingles may need replacement after 20 years.

This means that by going through the home renovation records and knowing when the roof got installed, you can have a rough idea of how many more years are left before it needs to be replaced.

4. Check for Flashing

Examine the areas around chimney seals, skylights and vents to see if there are any dark patches which are indications of leakage. When your home is old, the flashing might have a broken part or crack and this is what might lead to leaks. If that is the case, they may need to be replaced.

In the older homes, these flashing were made of tar or roof cement and it would be best to replace them with metallic flashing to prevent roof water damage and for increased durability.

5. Is the Roof Sagging?

A sagging or a droopy roof is a clear indication of a damaged roof that needs to be replaced before it crumbles down. Sagging roofs may result from rotting boards, water damage or trapped moisture that has made the supporting structure to be weak.

Another cause of sagging is when the builders used substandard materials that are unable to support the weight of the roof. Apart from being dangerous, a sagging roof makes a building quite unattractive and should be replaced immediately.

6. Everyone Else Is Replacing Their Roofs

If your neighbors built their houses around the same time as yours and you see your neighbors replacing their roofs, then it may mean that you also need to replace yours.

They could be doing that because their roofs have become old, and yours can’t be an exception. Still, you need to find out why they are doing so before you rush to replace yours. They could be having their own reasons.

7. Unwelcome Houseplants

Moss looks great in shady corners of a yard, but when seen on a roof, whether it is home roofing or commercial roofing, it is a sign of trouble as it indicates that there could be some moisture trapped at the places where it is growing.

The same also applies to the appearance of fungi and mold, they like to grow in moist regions. Their presence is, therefore, a sign that the roof needs some repair work or a complete overhaul if the damage is too much.

Other Reasons to Replace a Roof

Apart from the above, there are also other reasons that might justify the fact that you need a new roof. For a start, you might just want to improve your home’s appearance to make it more attractive or to make it have a higher resale value.

This may force you to bring down the old roof and install a new one.
You can also replace the roof so you can get a better warranty or just to take advantage of new technology. Some also replace their roof to avoid issues with home inspectors.

No Need to Panic Because of Roof Water Damage

Having learned how to tell if you need a new roof, you should not think your whole house has been affected just because you have roof water damage.

Good news is that professional roof contractors can replace your roof to its original state, even better. They can use modern tools and materials to give you a better roof than you had earlier. You can also consider DIY roof repairs if the damage is not much profound.

If your ceiling and walls had some coloration as a result of leakages, the contractors can also give them a professional touch to make your house to become as good as new. Replacing a roof is a costly affair because it might force you to buy everything if the roof was so much damaged.

However, you can escape this cost if you keep checking for the signs discussed above and making quick repairs once in while instead of waiting for the roof to be damaged to an extent that it needs to be replaced. You can read our blog to find out more about how you can deal with roof water damage.