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DIY Graphic Designing for Beginners: How to Make a Logo

For many consumers, their first impression of your business is the company logo. This is why businesses spend so much money on logo development. Did you know that BP spent over £136 million on its sunflower logo?

An effective logo needs to quickly tell consumers what your business is all about. The good news is that you do not have to spend a fortune to achieve this. Now, there are DIY tools to help you develop the perfect logo.

Read on to learn how to use graphic designing software programs. Explore this beginner’s guide to using DIY software to create a great logo.

Take a Free Graphic Designing Course

The first step is to take a free online course. These courses will introduce you to reputable software programs that are easy to use. Most importantly, they teach you the basics of graphic design.

Some great options are Alison Online and Udemy. Alison offers hands-on learning modules that culminate in a certification test.

Udemy’s education model relies on interactive videos that provide step-by-step instruction. The available courses range from basic skills to coding in C# create pdf from images.

Download Graphic Design Software

At the same time you are taking online courses, make sure to download graphic design software. The good news is that the most widely used programs are free and easy to download.

Most people tend to use Adobe graphic design programs. Products such as InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop are all popular Adobe programs.

Since we are specifically interested in logo development, the best option is Adobe Illustrator. This program works with vector images and allows for easy editing. Vector images are perfect for logos because they are scalable and made up of anchor points and lines.

Draw Inspiration from Social Media

There are several social media platforms that are useful resource tools. Both Instagram and Pinterest come to mind as outlets to draw inspiration from.

Look what works for other businesses on social media. Take note of how an effective logo uses color and negative space.

When you see a design feature that is appealing to you, perform a detailed online search query to learn how to DIY. Also, do not be afraid to network with other businesses on social media to see how their logo was developed.

Do Not Be Afraid to Use Images in a Logo

One beginner’s strategy to creating a great logo is leveraging off of high-quality photography. An image is easy to edit using programs like Photoshop or InDesign.

There are a number of beginner steps such as rotating or cropping an image. If you acquire some skills from an online course, perhaps you can add colors or typefaces to the design layout.

Wrapping It Up

People absorb information faster by seeing rather than reading or listening. This is why a great logo is so important for small businesses.

An effective logo gives your business the opportunity to stand out and get noticed. Better yet, you can design your company’s logo using free Adobe programs. If you enjoyed this article about graphic designing basics, check out our other business articles for more great content.