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Do You Want to Travel Forever? Here’s How to Start a Travel Business

International and domestic travelers spent 716 billion dollars in 2017.

Want to start a travel business but not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, we can help. We will cover some of the different types of roles in this popular industry.

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Travel Business: A Guide

Are you interested in starting a travel business? Here’s a look at five travel-based careers that might interest you.

Independent Contractor

If you love being your own boss, work as an independent contractor in the travel industry. You make your own hours and build a client list. You’re responsible for paying taxes.

You’ll have a physical office to meet with clients and also pick up walk-in business. You still get to work in a traditional agency, but you have the freedom to work for yourself as well.

Having an established travel agency behind you will help you gain new leads and clients.

Yet, some travel agents can still work within an agency but don’t meet at the office. They choose to work from the comfort of their home.

It all depends on what suits you the best.

Home-based Agent

Want to work from home. You’ll have the same tools available for agents at a traditional agency. The internet allows you to have all this.

Customers are comfortable with buying services on the internet. They don’t mind buying a trip online.

Specialty Business

Consider offering a unique travel experience. There are many ways to enter this field. You could offer a package and tour, tailored to the interests of specific groups.

Think about what you would like to do with your business. Check out our template for a business plan.

You could also have a specialized niche offered for a narrow demographic. Some agencies provide specialized services for businessmen and women traveling to China.

Sightseeing tours are a way to offer special trips for your clientele.

You could offer luxury travel services. Some services provide charter airline services to the highest business traveler. Others arrange deluxe villas abroad.


With a franchise, you’re buying the rights to a public entity that has had success in the past. You gain the recognition and business procedures of the franchise. You must conform to the established method of business.

If you’re coming out of a different career, this might be an opportunity for you!

Corporate Travel

This is a niche travel service and is a little challenging to break into. Most companies already have their own in-house staff.

Or they may have dealt with a previous agency for years. New companies may be open to partnering with a new business.

You could land a position as a home-based or independent agent with a travel agency team.

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We hope you feel inspired about starting your own travel business. There are many ways to enter this field. You could work for yourself or within an established company. 

Want to learn more? Check out our tips on starting a business.