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Does Your Marketing Campaign Need a Tune-Up? Here Are Auto Repair Marketing Ideas

Did you know that there are over 220,000 auto repair shops in the United States? If you own an auto repair shop, your main focus should be spreading the word about the services you offer.

While this may sound like a relatively easy task, it is anything but. Developing an adequate auto repair marketing strategy will take a lot of hard work. Often times, you will need to hire professionals to help hone in on the type of approach to use with your marketing.

Attempting to do this type of work without the help of an auto repair marketing professional can backfire. The last thing you want to do is put your company in a bad light due to marketing mistakes.

The following are some of the things you need to do when trying to take the marketing of your auto repair establishment to the next level.

Starting a Blog Is a Great Idea

One of the best ways to attract both the attention of consumers and search engine bots is by starting a blog on your website. This blog should cover all things auto repair related. Trying to write blogs about any and every subject can cause consumers to become confused.

Before you publish your blogs, you need to make sure they are optimized with the right keywords. Filling your content with popular keywords will definitely help you in your pursuit of search engine dominance.

Are you looking for an example of a good auto repair-themed blog post? If so, learn more about producing great auto repair blogs here.

Effective Auto Repair Marketing Includes a Social Media Presence

Some auto repair business owners fail to realize just how valuable having a social media presence can be. Most social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have millions of users. This is why you will need to work on developing a strategy to inform these users about your business.

The best way to do this is by posting industry-specific information on a regular basis. If you are using a platform like Instagram, be sure to post pictures of your past jobs.

By doing this, you can show your followers just what you are capable of. Posting on social media on a daily basis will help you stay fresh in the mind of your followers. You can ramp up your social media marketing efforts by offering exclusive online coupons to your followers.

Reach Out to Consumers Via Email

When trying to reach a larger audience, you also need to think about using email marketing. Creating landing pages on your website is a great way to get information from consumers.

Generally, these landing pages will feature contact forms. Encouraging visitors to fill out these forms will be easy when offering them a coupon or a free e-book.  

Once you have a list of emails, you need to think about writing a monthly newsletter to send out. This newsletter should feature information about any specials you are running and information about upcoming events. Staying in constant contact with your customers will allow you to increase the number of sales you are able to make.

Send Out Notifications to Customers

Another way to engage with your customers is by sending out notifications when it is time for service to their vehicle. Generally, these notifications work best when they are paired with a mobile app. The money paid to a professional to develop an app will be worth it.

By sending out these notifications, you can attract more business and show your customers you care at the same time. Personalizing the experience your customers have with your business can be powerful.

Often times, customers who are given this personalized attention will remain loyal to your auto repair company. With a small investment, you can take customer engagement to the next level.

Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

When looking for a new auto repair shop to use, most consumers will look at the reviews a company has received online. If you have a website, you need to showcase your positive reviews on the homepage.

Doing this will allow you to establish instant credibility with consumers. In most cases, asking your customers to leave reviews is the best way to get them.

Offering customers a discount on future service for their review can provide them with motivation to get them written. Working with a reputation management company is a great way to address any negative reviews you may have received online. Failing to address these reviews can cause problems when trying to attract new business.

Retooling Your Existing Website

For the most part, your website is the first place a potential customer will go to research your company. This is why you need to make sure the website currently in place is optimized fully.

Taking the time to perform an audit of your existing website will show you where changes need to be made. If you are unsure about how to perform this audit, consulting with professionals is a great idea.

With the help of a web development professional, you can fix issues with slow loading pages and confusing navigational elements. The longer it takes your website to load, the higher the risk will become of a consumer getting frustrated and leaving.

Use Video Content to Spread Your Message

If you are looking for a unique way to spread the word about your auto repair shop, using video content is a great idea. Most consumers are more likely to watch a short video than they are to read a lengthy blog post.

Producing videos that provide consumers with car maintenance tips can help you greatly. Encouraging your social media followers to share these videos can lead to your content going viral.

Working with Marketing Professionals is Vital

Most auto repair business owners have a very busy schedule, which is why hiring professionals to market their services is a must. With the help of an auto repair marketing professional, you can increase the number of customers you have.

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