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Door to Door Sales: How to Develop (And Deliver) a Good Sales Pitch

Nearly 225 million Americans do some or most of their shopping online. And these numbers are predicted to grow over the next few years. 

How can door to door salespeople compete with the world of e-commerce? There’s one thing that door to door sales have in common with e-commerce, and that’s convenience. The customer never has to leave their home to finalize their purchase!

However, it’s up to the salesman to make the customer consider their presence a convenience rather than an annoyance. It’s all in the pitch. 

In this article we’re going to talk about a few ways you can improve your customer relations and boost your sales simply by mastering your door to door sales pitch. 

Start Friendly, Not Familiar

From the moment a potential customer opens the door, you want them to recognize that you’re going to be kind, patient, and helpful. Introduce yourself and the company you work for. Encourage them to engage with you by asking how they’re doing. 

A good sales pitch will always start with a brief introduction before offering some explanation of why you’ve come to speak with the customer. However, it’s important you don’t act overly familiar by telling them what they need. 

For example, you might say, “I noticed your fence is collapsing in a few places. Has anyone offered to check that out for you?” This is less off-putting than saying, “You need someone to fix your fence.”

By asking observant questions and allowing the customer to answer on their own terms, you’re establishing yourself as someone who can help solve their problems and not just someone who is trying to push a product or service.

Back Up Your Claims with Storytelling

Don’t just tell the customer you can fix their problems or improve their lives. Give an example by way of storytelling. 

When storytelling is done right, it will show that you and your company are reliable authorities while also showing the customer how much your product or service can help them. 

The best sales pitches reveal the time, effort, or money saved by previous clients without seeming unnatural or forceful. 

Maybe your customer’s neighbor mentioned how many Saturday mornings he’s spent golfing rather than weeding since your company took over his lawn care. Or perhaps you know someone who was finally able to afford the dental surgery they needed after switching to the insurance plan you offer. Share these stories to get your customer thinking about how your product or service could help them. 

Close Your Door to Door Sales Pitch with a Recommendation 

You’ve listened to the customer’s needs and given them some ideas for ways you may be able to fulfill them. It’s time to make a recommendation that at least appears to be catered to them. After all, the best sales pitches are customized to each customer–nothing is one-size-fits-all. 

Start your closing statement with, “Based on what you’ve told me, I would recommend…” Then mention the service, product, or plan that will solve their problems.

Present your closing statement as the best deal your company can offer. Finish by asking them when they’ll be ready for your service or product to be delivered, which encourages them to follow through and accept your offer! 

Remember, your door to door business is only as strong as your sales pitch. 

Start Making More Sales Today

Once you’ve developed a basic outline for your sales pitch, practice customizing it to different potential customers’ needs. That way, you know how to react in all sorts of situations without losing track of your overall message. 

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