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Dress Cents: How to Start an Online Clothing Store

Have you always wanted to start an online clothing store but have no idea where to start? Get ready to launch your career in fashion with these useful tips.

In 2017, online clothing store sales reached 93 billion U.S. dollars. It’s only going to keep growing, as more people decide to start an online clothing store of their own. If you’re curious as to how or where to start, whatever you do, don’t rush it.

We will tell you the first steps you need to take before throwing your designs on a t-shirt. If you have a great idea for a brand, make sure you plan your business first. Here are a few tips to get you started.  

Know Your Niche

When you first start out, need to focus on getting noticed. You won’t get noticed if you’re competing with every category at once. Think of a niche of clothing that you can target and build your business planaround it.

Designing headbands may not sound exciting, but your competition will probably be in the dozens, not the thousands. When it comes to t-shirts, they need to be more than just a phrase, some text, or stock photos. Know your target demographic and market towards it.

Demonstrating Quality

Another advantage to focusing on one niche is that you can narrow down quality features. Is the stitching going to be prominent? Do you offer premium materials?

These are questions you’ll need answers for when shopping for manufacturers on Aliexpress or local businesses. Nail down your budget, then start negotiating for product features and materials.

Even if you can’t afford to manufacture higher-grade products, you can design them to mimic it. Faux-leather, wide-stitches, raised stitching, printed textures, and strong designs all demonstrate quality. Discover more ideas from top merchants who are killing it right now.

Top Hosting Platforms

Who you choose to build your store with will determine how easy it is to run your store. You could spend all day comparing the top e-commerce platforms. We have two suggestions: Shopify for store-only websites, Bigcommerce for fully-featured websites.

Shopify is the ultimate beginner’s e-commerce platform. It has all the tools you need to build a successful store with easy integration on the business side. It’s very easy to automate tasks, organize data, and market your store with their apps.

Bigcommerce will require a bit more experience developing your website. The trade-off is having everything under one roof, rather than dividing your time between accounts. For example, Bigcommerce offers support for Amazon Import and Link and Shopping in Instagram Stories.  

Start an Online Clothing Store

There’s a whole lot more involved that we couldn’t cover here. To start an online clothing store, you have to see your plans all the way through. Never outsource the entire operation and fall for those “passive income” schemes.

With hard work and attention to detail, you can make your store stand out. Little details like branded shipping materials or personalized requests go a long way. Use these custom packing slip forms on AtYourBusiness.com.

Professional forms and templates can make your life so much easier. Download as many of them as possible. You never know when you’ll need them.