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EMP Shielding: How to Protect Your Electronics

Experts predict that within 12 to 18 months of an electromagnetic pulse signal caused by a nuclear attack, 90 percent of Americans would be dead.

However, not all hope is lost. Electromagnetic pulse attacks are survivable. Should an electromagnetic pulse attack occur, electronic devices will be destroyed and the power grid will be disabled. This could take months to years to restore. Surviving without access to electronic devices could be difficult. 

Once an attack occurs, it’s too late to start preparing. If your electronic devices are destroyed by the initial electromagnetic pulse there is nothing you can do. The time to prepare is now.

One of the most effective ways to prepare for an electromagnetic pulse attack is through Electromagnetic Pulse Protection (EMP). This is something that you can do now to prepare yourself and your property for an attack of this nature.

In this article, we’ll discuss what EMP shielding means for you and how to protect your electronics from electromagnetic pulse signals before it’s too late.

What is an Electromagnetic Pulse?

An electromagnetic pulse is a result of the detonation of a single nuclear weapon in the atmosphere above a country. The electromagnetic pulse from this detonation would destroy a country’s entire power grid, which would take a long time to rebuild. This would render electronics useless. The threat of an electromagnetic pulse has become increasingly serious as many of our enemies have the potential to acquire nuclear weapons. 

Electromagnetic pulses consist of three components that result in the destruction of electronics and the entire power grid.

  • E1 is a fast, high voltage pulse that is so fast and intense that common lightning and surge protectors will not stop it. It sends high voltage surges through power lines and phone lines, destroying electronics.
  • E2 is a pulse similar to lightning. While easier to protect against, E1 is likely to have rendered any protection measures in place useless.
  • E3 is a long and slow pulse caused by the disruption of the Earth’s magnetic field. This is the component that destroys the power grid.

It should be noted that we do not have a ton of information about the effects of an electromagnetic pulse since one has not yet occurred. Furthermore, the majority of the research that has been done originated from nuclear tests conducted by the Americans and Soviets in the 1960’s. Much of this information is classified and is only slowly and selectively being released. 

Since the discovery of the threat of an electromagnetic pulse, there has been debate on the severity of the threat and what type of preparation measures need to be taken. The disagreement has led to a delay in the development of preparation measures that we need to be taking. The US Government even established a commission through legislation in 2001 to asses the threat of an electromagnetic pulse attack.

One thing is for sure- each year that passes, the technology needed to launch this kind of attack becomes more readily available to our enemies.

The method of preparation that those concerned about this very real threat have developed is called EMP Shielding.

What is EMP Shielding and Why is it Important?

Now that you have a better understanding of the nature and severity of the threat of an electromagnetic pulse, I am sure you are wondering what you can do to protect your personal electronics from destruction. 

EMP Shielding is the method of protecting your electronic devices from damage and destruction by an electromagnetic pulse. Anything with a microchip and anything that is plugged into the power grid will be destroyed by an electromagnetic pulse attack.

You might wonder why you would want to do this.

Imagine a world with no power grid where most if not all electronics are powerless. This is a pretty scary thought. However, this does not have to include you.

If you take the time now to prepare and protect your electronics, should this disaster occur, you will have a real advantage. Electromagnetic pulses could render modern living impossible by disabling everything from military weapons to credit cards. Having the ability to communicate via radio signals and generate power from your electronic devices could save your life. Furthermore, your electronic devices store massive amounts of information that you can use as a resource. 

You might wonder why, if everything is going to be destroyed, bother protecting your electronics. According to Tech Protect Bag your hardware is what is most important.

While it may take some time to rebuild after an electromagnetic pulse attack, it will happen and your hardware and information stored on your electronic devices will still be accessible once the power grid is restored. You will not want to start over with all new electronics and lose your data. Also recovered will be files, pictures, and survival information. This data is important not only on a personal level but it could mean the difference between surviving or not.

If your electronic devices are destroyed by the initial electromagnetic pulse, this valuable information will be lost. Fortunately, there are accessible and affordable options available to you for the protection of your electronic devices from an electromagnetic pulse attack. 

Faraday Cage or Faraday Bag?

The basic premise of EMP Shielding is protecting your devices from the electromagnetic waves and electricity. One of the original methods of EMP Shielding is the use of a Faraday Cage. This method is named after scientist Michael Faraday, who first discovered it. Faraday cages use metal or aluminum foil to protect electronic devices from the electromagnetic waves and gamma radiation.

Faraday Cages and Faraday Bags are both used to protect electronic devices from electromagnetic pulse attacks. Faraday Cages and Faraday Bags are effective to a comparable degree assuming they are made with the same quality. Faraday Bags are more compact and often offered at a better price point, but some devices work better in a Faraday Cage. 

Faraday Cages are enclosed structures that can be solid coverings or mesh and work by blocking electromagnetic fields. This would include the electromagnetic pulse signal in an electromagnetic pulse attack. These devices have been around since as early as the 18th century. 

The same technology used in Faraday Cages is used in many household items including microwaves and HDMI cables. Faraday Cages are useful for larger devices. Naturally, there are some cons to the size and nature of Faraday Cages.

Faraday Cages are usually large and bulky and can be shaped unusually. This makes them quite difficult to transport easily. They can be expensive as well. In addition to the cost of the device, the size and weight can mean hefty shipping and handling costs.

Faraday Bags are much more compact and transportable. They are easy to throw in your backpack and the small size and low weight mean they are more affordable both in product price and shopping and handling costs.

Whether you choose to purchase a Faraday Bag or Faraday Cage, you want to make sure you are getting a quality product. EMP Shielding is not something to be taken lightly. When the time comes to put the product to the test, there is no room for error. You need to be able to feel secure and confident that your product will work. 

What Devices Should You Protect?

You might be wondering which of your items need protection. Common items that should be included in your protection plan include:

  • Electric start and solar generators
  • Vehicle computers
  • HAM and AM/FM Radios
  • Clocks and watches
  • Cellphones
  • Laptops
  • Calculators
  • TVs
  • Microwaves

A full list of items that can and should be protected can be found here.

Now is the Time for Action

EMP Shielding is something that has to be done now. Since an electromagnetic pulse attack would occur suddenly and provide no warnings, it is critical to be prepared ahead of time. Once the E1 component of an electromagnetic pulse strikes, if your electronic devices are not protected, they will be destroyed. 

Even if the power grid is disabled, protecting your devices means that the crucial hardware that contains the information that is important to you will be saved. You can access this information whenever you can generate power and you will not have to wait with the rest of the country for new electronic devices to be manufactured and sold. It could takes as long as ten years to rebuild the power grid, but you will have peace of mind knowing the devices and information that are important to you are safe and will be accessible once again. 

The easiest and most affordable way to protect your devices is to purchase a Faraday Cage or bag. This method is the tried and true EMP Shielding method for a reason. With a simple investment you will be as prepared as one can be for an unpredictable electromagnetic pulse attack when your life may depend on the ability to use the electronics you are protecting. 

To learn more about electromagnetic pulse attack research and for help deciding which Faraday protection product is right for you, check out this post on our blog.