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Fire Safety Equipment and Other Office Safety Essentials

Fire safety equipment, along with other safety equipment, is crucial for your office. You want the peace of mind, knowing that your office is secure from a potential fire or any other disaster.

So how do you go about preparing your office for the worst-case scenario?

Fire Safety Equipment

So what are the different types of fire safety equipment needed to protect your office?

The basic and probably the first thing that sprung to your mind is the fire extinguisher. While we have all seen a fire extinguisher and know how it works, do you know how many to have and where to keep them?

You should have at least two fire extinguishers in your office. If your office is multi-story, there should be at least two fire extinguishers on each of these floors.

This is just the basic model. Ideally, you will have more fire extinguishers for the number of exits and entrances, as well as multiple extinguishers for the number of employees in the office.

Another important device is a smoke alarm. Some fires may be visible, whereas there may be a minor fire in the office bathrooms or the office kitchen which may not be noticed – before it is too late. Smoke alarms will detect the fire and the subsequent smoke so that the office staff will know to evacuate and to clear the fire.

Should you be unable to put out the fires with extinguishers, it is crucial to install sprinklers. These can detect fires and then sprinkle water immediately to put them out.

Ideally, there should be at least one sprinkler installed on the ceiling of every room in the office. For larger and wider rooms, you want to ensure that there is a multitude of sprinklers installed.

Other Measures

Now, what are the other measures for keeping the office safe? Here are some other considerations to take:

Backup Power

Should the electricity run out in your office, you want a backup power source. One of the best methods is for you to learn how to purchase the right Diesel Generator. This type of generator can be portable and can also be used as the main source of power for your office.

Comfortable Chairs

This may seem trivial, but it is essential for your staff’s health and well-being. Having employees who are comfortable at their workspace can avoid workplace injuries. Make sure you have chairs that can reduce possible back pain in your employees.

Eatables and Drinkables

It is ideal to have space in the office where drinks and food or small snacks can be kept. This way office workers can get up on occasion and fuel themselves and/or hydrate themselves. Again, this can avoid workplace injury or workplace health hazards.


You want to ensure that your office is maintaining a high standard of hygiene. Poor hygiene can lead to an increase in illness, an invitation to pests, all very serious risks to the health and safety of the office staff.

Safety First!

Remember, to ensure you have a stable and functioning office you need to install fire safety equipment – as well as maintain other safety measures. 

And don’t forget to catch up on our other content to ensure your office is run efficiently!