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Future Gaming Technology Trends to Be on the Lookout For

“Future gaming technology”. The phrase brings to mind images of space, robot butlers, and Mortal Kombat 58.

But the truth is, the future is now, or around the corner at the very most. There are tons of amazing advances in gaming tech coming very soon. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at three of our personal favorites.

Multiplayer and Cross-Platform Improvements

Sony recently announced the opening of their Playstation titles to cross-platform playing. This marked a step forward for the popular console, who have resisted pressure to join forces with their competitors for years. With more cross-platform designs expected from upcoming games, you can expect to play everything on every console.

There has been a shift toward putting out better-performing, higher-end multiplayer designs. As competitive playing ramps up, better technology gaming will mean seamless multiplayer gaming.

Cloud Gaming

Gaming is opening its arms to high-speed Internet in a new and very interesting way. Anybody who’s seen Google’s “Arcadia” system in recent months will be able to confirm, cloud-based gaming is arriving, for better or worse. The system combines Chromecast streaming with server-based versions of games. This allows users to stream games online with no console.

Our prediction for cloud video gaming technology comes with stable 5G connections approaching. Future tech will allow gamers to play any game they want on any device connected to the Internet. We’ll think of gaming in the same way as streaming music and videos, today. This will also allow access to updated games, online, which will help with problematic download updates. 

Cloud technology and gaming will open up access to users without expensive PCs or consoles. 

Open-source Game Development

It’s no secret the gaming industry has become the hottest playground for intellectual property to thrive in the last decade. It’s a scene dominated by AAA developers, with thin veins of small companies running through them.

There may be changes in the wind, as the industry looks set to embrace open source development and gaming technology. New tools are on the rise which opens up the marketplace to independent game developers. These environments make it less important to use or pay (a lot of) money for software development kits, or SDKs. As the tools become more democratized, you can expect to see and hear more from indie developers and fringe creators, in all their weird glory.

Gaming communities will keep up the proud tradition of game modding, as well. Passionate gamers will use open-source tech to improve on popular games and create sleeper indie hits. Whether we play passion projects or something like this live casino, which is equal parts fun and lucrative, there’s a whole new world out there.

Future Gaming Technology: Better Gaming Incoming

Gaming continues to show robust growth as one of the biggest entertainment industries at play today. With so much amazing future gaming technology on the horizon, it’s hard to pick what we’re most excited about.

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