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Gain Visibility! 3 Clever Ways to Advertise Your Flooring Business

Thinking of starting a flooring business? Do you already have a successful company but are looking to expand its reach?

No matter where you are with your business, one thing remains constant: you need great marketing to get new customers. 

Of course, if you only do the same old marketing, you’ll only get the same old traffic. Here are three creative ways to advertise your flooring business. 

Use Your Surroundings

Flooring has a way of fading into the background of a room. Your advertising should do just the opposite. 

Time to take advantage of your environment. 

For example, since you’re a flooring company, why not take to the streets? With some chalk, that is. In the world of online everything, there’s something to be said for real-life marketing done with your own two hands. Get someone who’s good at chalk art, pick a week that doesn’t predict rain, and have some fun. 

If you want art that lasts, get permission to put up permanent decoration and commission an artist to create a mural for you. 

Just, make sure you read up on how to get a legal wall for a mural. And check out this guide to making murals if you’ve never made one before. 

Be Funny, Be Punny, Be Culturally Aware

Of course, if you’re going all-in for creative ads, don’t be boring. 

One of the things many creative ads have in common is a great sense of humor. It’s a route that many of the best Super Bowl ads have taken. We’re not saying you need to recruit the cast of Saturday Night Live for your ad – you just need to be clever. 

If you’re not, “This morning started out like a Golden Retriever galloping on freshly waxed hardwood,” funny, don’t be afraid of puns. Plenty of people will appreciate a bit of tongue-in-cheek cleverness (or a classic dad joke). 

Depending on your audience and business culture, you could even sneak in sly (or blatant) pop culture references. Take Band-Aids, which ran an ad of a distinctive muscular green hand with a Band-Aid on one finger. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Content Marketing

This one’s more commonly referenced, but there’s plenty of room to be inventive within content marketing. 

Let’s say you sell rubber flooring, like this website. One way to do content marketing is to run a photo contest asking customers to post photos of their families making the most of their new flooring. 

You can also run a caption contest – ask customers to provide a funny caption for a photo in exchange for an exclusive deal. You can get some real laughs out of a contest like this and use it to build momentum for your social media following. 

Figuring Out Ways to Advertise?

Of course, if you know marketing, you know that you always have to find new ways to advertise. That’s where we can help. 

If you’re looking for new ideas to maximize your marketing ROI, make sure to check out our blog for more useful posts like this one. And remember: when it comes to marketing, creativity is king.