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Get Found: How Location Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Did you know that 89% of marketers are seeing an increase in sales as a result of using location data? This means that location marketing is an untapped area for increased revenue. 

Location marketing is a powerful way to create opportunities based on your ideal customer’s location, you can even include customer behavior and historical patterns in your targeting strategy. 

If you want to expand your online reach, there are always new ways to get it done. Learn how location marketing can help grow your organization by reading on.

The Lowdown on Location Marketing 

Location marketing allows brands to use forward-thinking strategies based on the location of your potential customer. So, your brand can pinpoint its customers’ whereabouts in real-time, and send push notifications with things such as current promotions or sales or even coupons. 

This gives you the opportunity to be real-time relevant to your potential customers based on where they are at any given time of the day. 

Imagine being a clothing retailer on a busy street known for name-brand shopping, and being able to send out a notification to someone who is passing by to visit your competitor’s store. You’ve not got their attention before they’ve reached their destination, and may be able to sway their steps to come through your door instead. 

Locational data will give your business an edge when it comes to advertising to potential customers within close proximity to your business. 

The Benefits of Location Marketing 

When thinking of location marketing, there are pro’s and cons as there are to any form of marketing. But location marketing is a forward-thinking strategy that needs to be adapted in 2019 and beyond, here’s why:

It’s Highly-Targeted

All businesses know who their ideal customer is, and how to find them rather broadly through your usual social media targeting strategies and wider approaches. Location Marketing is highly-targeted, you’re basically talking to potential customers that are within walking distance of your brand and can make split-second decisions on purchases. 

The Ability to Know Your Customers and Reward Them 

Not only can location marketing target your customers, but it also gives you the opportunity to get true insights on their purchasing behavior. For example, customers will usually check-in to a store where they’re attending a prestigious event or buying a high-ticket item, it’s human nature these days. 

You’ll be able to see what types of sales, promotions, and events your business is getting the most check-ins for and adapt your strategy accordingly. 

Having said that, you can create loyalty programs for customers that check-in more often than others. If you own a coffeehouse, you can offer the 11th coffee on the house after 10 check-ins by a customer. 

Go From Impulse to Sale

Location marketing gives you the ability to take a thought and turn it into a sale. Imagine your store sells sun protection lotion on a busy walkthrough towards the beach, people walking by might have forgotten to bring it along. 

Their phone alerts them to a discounted offer your store is having and you create viable traffic into your store. You’ve turned an impulse into a sale through using geo-location on your potential customers. 

Location Marketing Strategy Adaptability 

Once you’ve got a handle on your location marketing strategy, you’ll need to be mindful of the fact that it needs to evolve and adapt as your results come in. 

Things you might have believed would work well from the get-go, may not be getting you sure results. So be willing to adapt your strategy, change up your location marketing messages and see how they perform. Make sure your location marketing tactics are measurable. 

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