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Get Your Business Running! Here’s Some Machine Shop Equipment You Need for Your Auto Shop

Thinking of going into the auto business, and you aren’t quite sure about the kind of equipment to buy? Having the right equipment will help you manage your auto shop efficiently. The result will be happy, repeat customers and large profit margins for you.

We have taken the time to look at the most important tools you will need. Our list of machine shop equipment will allow you to start your operations without much hassle. Now all you will need to do it get the clients in through the door.

Machine Shop Equipment for Your Auto Shop

Setting up an auto shop like peakauto.com is an investment that will require a financial commitment. You’ll need the right equipment, proper space, and the relevant permits, among others. When looking for equipment, consider quality over price so that you get long-term usage.

The following are some of the equipment you’ll need to have in your shop.

1. Hoists

One auto shop equipment that’s especially important is a hoist. Having a good understanding of what you need will help you choose the right one. The clear span or clear floor hoist is a good option because you can move around it easily.

You also avoid spillage, thus keeping your workspace clean. You’ll find a lot of use for it if you are doing any oil changes, or replacing any of the parts on the vehicle.

Suspension repairs and replacements will require a four post hoist that comes with hydraulic rams. You will need it for lifting the wheels off the hoist. It’s also excellent for wheel alignment.

2. Air Compressor

Air compressors will allow you to operate a wide range of car equipment. Choose one that’s in the range of 60-120 gallons for greater functionality. Consider factors like PSI, horsepower, pistons and cubic feet per minute when choosing.

3. Jacks

You’ll need an easy way to work under your vehicle. A jack will allow you to do this. Don’t look for a bargain when buying one because you need to ensure that you get one of very good quality.

You don’t want to become a statistic of accidents involving jacks.

4. Jumper Cables and a Battery Charger

It’s not uncommon for people to come to an auto repair shop with dead batteries. Your car repair equipment list would not be complete without them.

5. Hydraulic Press

You’ll need to bend or crush metallic material, and will, therefore, need a hydraulic press. It requires that you use quite a bit of money, but they’re a necessity in an auto repair shop.

6. Strut Compressor

You will need a strut compressor to replace struts and repair suspension systems. Make sure whoever will be handling the equipment has the proper training to avoid workplace injuries.

7. Other Handy Equipment

You’ll need to invest in other repair shop equipment including:-

• Circlip pliers
• Bearing pullers
• Spanners: open end and ring
• Mechanics lamps
• Airguns and Lines
• Rolling oil pans
• Cooling fluid pans
• Vices
• Pipe bender
• Pedestal drill
• Brake Lathe
• Strut compressors
• Vehicle lift

Having the right car shop equipment is not something you can overlook. Do your research and consider quality equipment, so that you don’t have to keep replacing them.

Ready to Start Your Shop?

Auto repair shops provide an excellent way to make a living. Having the right machine shop equipment is therefore vital.

Remember to bookmark our website for more updated information on how to start the auto shop journey.