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H2O, Here We Go!: How To Make Water Taste Better At Home

Did you know that in 2018, U.S. consumers spent a whopping $18.5 billion on bottled water? What’s more, that number represents a staggering 8.8% increase in sales from the year before!

The primary reason for such massive revenues? For starters, because bottled water can cost up to 300 times more than tap water.

That should be enough reason for you to start drinking tap water! Plus, avoiding bottled water is a small step towards preventing more plastic pollution.

Don’t worry. There are many ways on how to make water taste better.

Ready to learn what you can do to make your tap water a pleasure to drink again? Then let’s dive right into it!

How to Make Water Taste Better: Get Rid of Contaminants First

Were you aware that pure water should actually be on the sour side?

That’s right. According to researchers, the best way to describe the flavor of water is sour.

This doesn’t mean your tap water should already make your lips pucker so much though. Sourness — or any other noticeable taste — in water can indicate the presence of contaminants.

For example, if it’s super sour, your tap water likely exceeds the optimal pH level, making it acidic. If it’s bitter, it can also be due to high levels of pH, copper, or zinc. A bleach-like taste is more common, as 98% of U.S. water treatment systems use chlorine to disinfect water.

Whereas lead in your water can make it sweet and very toxic. Even if you don’t live in Flint, Michigan, 3,000 other places in the U.S. have higher rates of lead poisoning.

The good news is, water filtration systems not only make water taste better — they also make it a lot safer. These filters capture and trap contaminants, from dissolved minerals to metals to pesticides. They can also get rid of chlorine byproducts and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

By getting rid of water contaminants, water filters also get rid of bad tastes and odors. You’ll end up with only pure, refreshing tap water.

Infuse with Fresh Fruits

Aside from the classic lemons and limes, you can use many other fruits as a healthy water flavoring. Some of the best picks are other citrus fruits, like pomegranate and grapefruit. Watermelon, cucumbers, berries, mangoes, and honeydews are also great water enhancers.

Add A Splash of All-Natural Fruit or Vegetable Juices

Can’t always go to the farmer’s market for fresh fruits and veggies? Then you can do with boxed all-natural fruit and veggie juices. Mix some of these juices to your cold tap water to give it a tasty boost.

Tart juices, like apple, pineapple, and grape, are especially tasty water flavoring elements. Cucumbers, broccoli, and carrots are also available in juiced form. Just be sure to buy products with terms like “all-natural”, “no added sugars”, and “no preservatives”.

Aside from being delish, these juices are also a great source of vitamins and minerals. They also come packed with antioxidants and many other health benefits. 

Add Herbs Like Mint for An Even More Refreshing Taste

Add some crushed mint leaves to your cold tap water, and you can make it better tasting and more refreshing. Crushed basil, rosemary, thyme, and chamomile are also perfect for water infusions.

Make Everyday Tea Party Day

You can also make water taste better by preparing hot or cold teas with fresh herbs and spices. Aside from the ones mentioned above, you can also make fresh teas with lemon balm and lemongrass. Dandelion, lavender, elderberry, and ginger are also great either as hot or cold teas.

Of course, you can always buy prepared loose tea leaves from the supermarket. In this case, you may want to stick to green, red, and white tea leaves. They have less caffeine than the black tea variants, so they’re generally healthier.

Add Flavored or Infused Ice to Your Glass of Tap Water

If you prefer cold water, then you’re sure to love flavored- or infused-ice cold water! Best of all, you can use the same flavorings we’ve already listed and simply pour them on ice molds. For fancier-looking ice cubes, you can add chopped herbs or fruits in the tray.

Once they’re all hard and frozen, you can take a few ice cubes and drop them into your tap water. You can even take your flavored ice to the next level by using fruit or veggie juices instead of just plain water. Then, mix these concentrated ice cubes with water in a blender for a delish and healthy smoothie!

Bonus Life Pro Tip: Clean Your Fridge

Before you stock up on homemade water infusions, juices, and ice cubes, be sure your fridge is clean. Smells can easily transfer and contaminate your otherwise tasty and healthy water concoctions.

That said, a clean fridge is key in making water taste better too. Do a weekly purging of leftovers, especially cooked meats like beef, pork, and chicken. Even if they’re in the fridge, a week can be all it takes for them to start developing molds.

Keep in mind that some types of molds can lead to allergic reactions and even be toxic. Their spores can also transfer and contaminate the other food products in the fridge.

Aside from a weekly purge, give your fridge a deep clean at least once a month. Remove everything in it, and give the shelves and trays a thorough wash with soap and water. Clean the appliance from inside to out too.

To help keep bad smells at bay, leave an open pack of baking soda inside the fridge for an entire day. You can also place a cup filled with used coffee grounds in the fridge to stave off odors.

Up Your Water Intake Now by Making It Taste Better

There you have it, all the best ways on how to make water taste better. Remember, drinking more tap water doesn’t only benefit you but also the environment. By avoiding bottled water, you can stop adding to the 50 billion water bottles sold in the U.S. every year.

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