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Here’s How to Make Money With Email Marketing

It’s no secret email marketing is still an effective method of boosting sales. It’s even more effective than social media marketing despite the smaller numbers.

Unfortunately, not a lot of small businesses give it a try. Some don’t know how to start email marketing and others don’t know how to make money with email marketing.

The truth is that it’s not that difficult to figure out. Avoid all the bogus advice out there and stick with the tips that can help you take full advantage of email marketing. 

If you want to learn more, read on below for 8 crucial steps to earn and succeed with email marketing:

1. Provide Profitable Actions

Want to know how to make money with email marketing? The most important tip is to make sure each email features a profitable Call to Action (CTA). If you’re offering a discount voucher or introducing a promo deal, you have to make it clear and make sure there’s a big button to click to funnel them to your landing pages.

Don’t send emails without a profitable CTA. Don’t simply ask them to read your blog posts or share images on social media. 

2. Analyze Your List

Use analytics tools and break down the information as soon as you can. Try to find out who responds to your emails, which ones on your email list don’t touch the messages at all, and those who read them but didn’t purchase or take advantage of your offers.

You should look for metrics determining what time most people read your emails, the age groups of people who sign up, and their locations. Knowing who signed up for email newsletters and who responds to the messages can help you segment later down the line.

3. Email Subscribers Come First

The people who signed up for email newsletters deserve something special. They’re the ones most interested in your business, after all. Show appreciation by prioritizing them and giving them an incentive to stay on the list.

Do you have a new discount promo coming up or do you want to offer free shipping for customers over the holiday weekend? Why not give your email subscribers early access to these goodies? You can let them know they get an extra 24 hours to enjoy the promo discount, for example. 

4. Segment Your List

Never send the same email to everyone on your list. Remember: they all signed up for different reasons. Use the data collected — see tip #2 — and break down your list according to the types of respondents.

For example, you can send special discount promos to people who rarely open and read your newsletters. This can serve as an incentive for them to become more active. 

For people who only open newsletters whenever you alert them of free shipping, make sure you only send them that kind of message. Giving them any other kind of newsletter or alert is a waste of resources and you won’t profit from the effort.

You can check out this post to learn more about email segmentation.

5. Schedule Ahead!

Again, refer to the data collected and schedule your emails. Some people don’t open emails unless they see the notification alert. This means you’ll get more responses if you send your emails exactly when your target readers are active.

Fortunately, you can rely on the data to tell you what time the majority of people read the emails. 

Once you know the time and days people are most active, draft your emails and then schedule when these messages automatically send out. 

6. Clear Message, Clean Format

Take a good, hard look at the messages you email to people on your list. Is it well-organized? Can you tell, from a glance, what the email is about or what it’s promoting?

It’s a good idea to break down your email messages into two parts: written text that’s part of the message body and then a promotional image. The latter can resemble a magazine page or a banner ad.

Make sure you turn that image into a clickable link. Clicking on it should bring the reader to a specific landing page related to the content of the email. This ties into making a profitable and effective CTA.

7. Effective Email Capture Strategy

Formulate a strong email capture strategy. For example, some plugins offer the option of signing up as soon as they reach a landing page or when they click to leave.

You’ll also want to add some sort of verification tool to make sure people don’t fool around and add fake email addresses. You want to avoid things like hard bounces. 

What is a hard bounce in email marketing? It’s when you permanently don’t get a response due to an invalid or non-functional email. 

That said, you don’t want to annoy people. That could drive them away instead of enticing them to sign up.

8. A/B Split Test Everything

Whenever you come up with a new design, A/B split test it. Whether it’s a new email format, call to action, or funneling strategy, you should test it with a select group of people. This can help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your new direction. 

Split testing can also help you identify what type of email content clicks more with your readers. It’s possible your old methods simply didn’t work and now you have proof that it’s time to change things up a bit.

Learn How to Make Money with Email Marketing Now!

Figuring out how to make money with email marketing isn’t impossible. It’s all about making your emails clean, clear, and designed with positive responses in mind. Know your audience so you can play to their likes and behaviors too. 

However, this isn’t the only digital marketing technique you should master. There are more you need to get acquainted with and develop, like social media marketing and how to combine a PPC campaign with your SEO efforts. Fortunately, we’ve got tons of more content like this so why not read our other guides right here, today?