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How Much Does a Limo Cost: A Guide on the Average Rental Prices

What’s a night out on the town worth? If you do it right, an evening out with friends can be one of the most memorable evenings of your life. You just have to commit to making it so.

Getting a limousine for you and your cohorts can be one of the best ways to turn a night from great to incredible. But how much does a limo cost to rent for a night? And is that cost worth the experience? 

You have a lot of questions, and we have a lot of answers. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know about renting a limo.

Why Get A Limousine? 

You want to make a big night out special, memorable, and fun. You have a little budget in which to do it. Is a limo the way to go? 

Let’s face it: life only provides us so many opportunities to spice things up and do something very special. There are many reasons that people decide to rent a limousine for a night, and you’re likely considering the high-class vehicle for many of the same ones.

For one, it’s a chance to enjoy a bit of lush luxury in your life. You and all your friends work hard, and every so often it’s important to treat yourself and enjoy yourself while out on the town. Renting a limousine for a night can allow you to pretend to live a higher-class lifestyle than you’re normally used to, and it can be quite fun.

It isn’t all flash and pizzaz either. If you need to transport a big group of people from one place to another, limousines have a practical utility too. There’s enough room in a limo to probably take your entire party from Point A to Point B.

You don’t have to worry about people driving, leaving and meeting up, or anything like that. Everyone can continue the party together en route to the next venue. That’s why so many people rely on group transportation services in a big party situation like this.

Rest assured when you do get to the next location, you’ll make quite the entrance! If you want one night where all eyes are in your direction, rent a limo can certainly help accomplish just that. 

How Much Does A Limo Cost?

While the idea of riding around in a limousine appeals to most people, many don’t pursue the option because they assume there is a ridiculous cost attached. While a limo drive may not be super cheap, it’s not incredibly expensive either. The final price will vary depending on a number of factors but can be very affordable for a big group to split.

Limousines come in different sizes and hold different amounts of people, so part of what you’ll need to determine is what size vehicle you’ll need. As you would expect, the bigger the vehicle, the higher your hourly rate will likely be.

A small limousine, intended to hold somewhere between six to ten people, can go for on average about $70 an hour. Alternatively, a stretch limo like the kind you often see in movies can be more. It can hold up to twenty people (a big crowd!) but might cost you more like $200 an hour.

You’ll also need to look closely at the other costs involved. Depending on the company you’re renting from, you may have to tip, pay service fees, cleaning fees, or even cover gas for the distance you’ve driven.

Demand on the night you are booking might also play into the final cost. If there is a high demand for limousines during the time you are booking, the prices might be higher than they are normally. Renting during prom or wedding season is likely to get you a higher price than say, in the dead of winter.

How Much To Tip A Limo Driver

A limousine driver does a lot for you. These are big and difficult to drive vehicles, so they have their work cut out for them. It takes a lot of practice, skill, and experience to properly navigate that long of a vehicle through traffic. You are paying for a safe and quality ride when you tip a limo driver.

They also will likely be very helpful during your experience, opening doors and being a general guide to the vehicle’s features. They may even have beverages laid out ahead of time. They usually will arrive wearing a uniform.

For these reasons, many people choose to tip their limousines at a high percentage. That means 20% to 25% of the cost of the limousine. Many limousine drivers have to live off of these tips and aren’t paid otherwise, or are paid very little.

Even if the service was less stellar than you expected, you should always leave a tip! Their livelihood might depend on it. 

All that being said, you should always look to see if a tip will already be automatically added to your bill for you. As much as you likely appreciate the service of your driver, you probably don’t want to pay them twice.

The Perfect Night Out

A limousine might be the perfect way to create the most memorable night out ever. If you’re looking to book one for your event or big get-together, it’s important to know the answer to that common question: ‘how much does a limo cost?” 

The above information should be a big help. Need more entertainment advice? Check out our blog for more information.